Lovin' my #Koss Headphones: on sale now

Disclosure: This Koss product feature is sponsored by FitFluential LLC. I personally use these items and all opinions are my own.
Headphones for me are like shoes. I can never have enough. I love my 2 pairs of Koss headphones. One is in my gym bag and the other is in my car. Right now, Koss is running a special promotion on their headphones at Walgreens. In December I wrote a post about "A Few of my Favorite Things" and Koss Headphones were on the list. You can read about it here: A Few of my Favorite Things
Well, now you can get them for $19.99. They are on sale at Walgreens right now. These headphones are perfect for women because they are created by and designed for women. This is a great deal! It's only for a limited time, so head over to Walgreens and grab a pair or two!


  1. It's so hard to find some good workout headphones and not those little things that fall out of your ears whenever you move. Here's to your recommendation.

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