MantraBands: Express Yourself Giveaway!

We all need reminders sometimes...
     She believed she could, so she did!
     Enjoy the journey!
that is me! That is perfect. It is how I want to live my life! I choose the 4 phrases above because that is who I am... how I feel about who I am. I know that I have gotten through worse than a little extra weight or a bad day... I am a fighter.

Two of my favorite people (Kelly Olexa and Kelly Gregorakis) were writing about MantraBand® and I knew if those two inspiring people were loving these, I needed to learn more about them.

I read the following on their website:

Because positive thinking leads to a positive and happy life. That's what we want for ourselves and everyone else on this planet. 

We do this by promoting a lifestyle of optimism, positivity, and mindfulness. Mantraband bracelets are made to inspire. They are the reminders to choose happiness, to live what you love and to be present in every moment.


MantraBand® has offered to give away some bracelets right here on my blog. I cannot tell you how much you will love these. They are stylish and fun and are right there to keep you focused on your mission or to remind you of who you are!  You have to try these out! I love mine!!!

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