Color US Rad at Color Me Rad And CrossFit Blackbeard Week 2!

*Disclaimer: Color Me Rad provided Bryce and me with a complimentary entries to the race in exchange.  All opinions are my own.

Our World was a Rainbow! 
On Saturday, Bryce and I got a chance to run our second Colorful 5K. This time we ran in the Color Me Rad race. I knew that Bryce was going to love this race, and I asked a friend if she and her son wanted to join. I was thrilled that the entire family joined us. Bryce and his friend Jackson had a blast! I have a feeling that they will run with us again (even if we ended up walking quite a bit!)
We met them before the race and Jackson and Bryce had a great time at Color Bomb stage trying to catch colors! We were looking squeaky clean at the beginning of the race! What I loved about Color Me Rad is that they gave us some fun sunglasses. Amazingly enough, none of us had the same color either! Fun! 

We headed to the start line and the boys were doing their best to catch color bombs so that they could throw them on us (and mostly themselves!) We got a few packets and they were starting to get colorful! It was a fun party waiting for our wave to start. There was so much energy and excitement. Finally, it was the countdown to head out. Some people walked and some ran. We let the boys go with Tracy, and we told them to wait for us at the first color station. Bryce loves this idea because then he runs through the station more than once while he waits for us. We started with orange. Bryce, Jackson and Tracy took off again. As we rounded a corner, I could see them in front of us and waved. Bryce was looking at me and waving, and (I am really horrible for sharing this) Bryce ran into a cone while he was waving and wiped out.  I know that I should have felt bad, but it was hysterical! I wish I had it on video. He is tough as nails and popped right up and kept running... Love that tough kid!~ The next station was different.  Usually the color stations are cornstarch, but this time, it was a liquid color. It was green! It felt great because at this point we were pretty warm!!! 

Bryce and Jackson decided that they wanted to walk. Jaymie, the boys and I let Tracy run, and we walked. We had a much needed water break, and we went through the color stations. There was a lot of laughing, a lot of silliness and a whole lot of color. We may have gone through the color stations more than once and it was ONLY because the boys wanted to... so Jaymie and I had to :)  Right before the finish line we were all given a packet of color to throw when crossed the finish line. I gave mine to Bryce because he couldn't get enough! There is something about a smile under all the color that melts a mom's heart! 

We went back to the color stage and stayed there for quite a while dancing, catching color, and living through some serious color bombs! This race was so much fun! I cannot say it enough. This is the perfect race for people who just want to have fun. If you are someone who needs to PR no matter what, this is not the race for you... If you are someone who likes to see smiling faces and you like to escape from your troubles for a bit, this is for you! I won't miss it next time! You can bet on that! 

As most of you know, one of my biggest goals is to keep my son busy outside rather than inside. This run is the best way to keep him active without any complaints from him! 
No one I would rather have fun with!!!!

My CrossFit Blackbeard Journey: Week 2

This week was a lot of fun so far! I am feeling like a part of the group, and though I am definitely the person who struggles more than others, I am so proud of what's happening. I am also so amazed by the kindness of everyone at CrossFit Blackbeard. Everyone is so supportive.

They are having a special right now that is such a good price that I have to share. It ends tomorrow! It's the Get Your Friends Addicted special. One month Unlimited for $50. If you are interested, you have to sign up by tomorrow, Friday, May 31st. Tell them you are friends with Mindy. Send your email to You will love it! Please join me! It will be a lot of fun!!!

I like to do my workouts in my C9 Athletic clothes by Champion from Target! I love the fit and I love the price! I have a giveaway coming in the next day or two for a $25 Target Gift Card! :) 

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#Whatsbeautiful is living a life with fitness in my family!

I am working with Fitfluential and Under Armour on the What's Beautiful Challenge and I decided to come up with 10 things that I want to improve on in the next month. I will print this out and put it up on my fridge door. I will revisit in June before I leave for FitBloggin'.
Thanks to Abby at Back at Square Zero for the idea
10 Things that ARE going to be #Whatsbeautiful in my life:

1. Keeping my son involved in organized runs and racing.

2. Getting myself into CrossFit finally! #IWill go at least 4 days a week from now on~
3. PR-ing my half marathon in November. I need to stay true to my workouts.
4. Helping others realize that they don't have to be perfect with fitness to be better.
5. Making my son proud of me!
6. Making time to cook healthy meals.
7. Losing 10 pounds before FitBloggin' in the end of June.
8. Blogging 4 times a week.
9. Getting brave enough to take pictures of me doing CrossFit.
10. Getting my FitBloggin' presentation ready to go! 

11. Forgot one.... #runstreak... I want to run a mile a day til Labor Day.

As you all know, I have recently begun my CrossFit journey at CrossFit Blackbeard in St. Petersburg. They are offering a REALLY great deal right now.... Tell them you are friends with me, Mindy, and you will get an unlimited membership for $50!!! WOW! 

This is directly from their facebook page:
Time for the "Get Your Friends Addicted" to CrossFit Blackbeard program! For $50 your friends can receive Fundamentals and one month of unlimited classes! Purchases must be made by the end of May; however, the start date can be arranged by contacting Trey (

**disclosure: Under Armour sent me some product to use to help me with this campaign. I am not being 


Family Fun! The Richard Petty Driving Experience

The Richard Petty Driving Experience: An experience of a lifetime!

Last Saturday, my son had the experience of a lifetime!  He was invited to participate in the Richard Petty Driving Experience and the Junior Ride Along experience at Walt Disney World in Orlando.
Needless to say, Bryce jumped at the chance. Bryce loves fast cars and anything that involves fun! He woke me up extra early on Saturday because he didn't want to be late. So we arrived over an hour early. There was plenty to do though! As we watched the people experiencing ride-alongs and driving experiences, the cars flew around the track. Bryce could barely contain himself. He couldn't wait. He begged me to buy him a Richard Petty car (see the picture to the left.) I loved being able to do this because I know it won't be long before he doesn't want toys anymore. The coolest thing about it was that it ended up being the car he got to ride in. SO AWESOME!
Before the Junior Ride Along began, we got a tour of the exotic cars. Wow! What a rush! The Ferrari and Lamborghini were Bryce's favorite. We even got to hear their engines rev up. Bryce has decided that he will be getting a red or yellow one for sure when he turns 16. (I am not sure who's going to purchase this item, so hopefully he can get some sort of sponsor! Not that I would ever let a 16 year old drive one of those!) I was surprised to hear that people have the opportunity to drive those cars too. What a rush that would be! I am guess it could be the perfect Father's Day present for a great dad! 

Then it was time! The moment we had been waiting for!!! Bryce got suited up with his buddy Ronin. My friend Jenny from Metamorfit and I have had fun weekends together for the last 4 week. Our boys have become good friends. Ronin, Jenny's son went first and his grin covered his face from ear to ear. Bryce turned to me and said, "I'm next! I am nervous!" I told him to have a blast! 
It was so cool to watch him crawl into that window and know that he was about to have the ride of his life! I literally had goosebumps! You know that feeling when you need time to freeze so you can soak in every single second... I had it!
As I watched him pull away from the pits, I wanted to run after him jump in the backseat (there was no backseat by the way! But I wanted to be in there.) The coolest thing was that I was able to see the ride because they video the ride and also a picture in picture so I could see Bryce's face. He looks so precious and very nervous! I also got a great picture of Bryce in the car. He looks so grown up. 

When he finally returned to the pits, I asked him what he thought... You can see him below pulling into the pits and telling me that it was "awesome!"

He told me that he definitely will do this again. He said next time he wants me to go too.  It sounds like a plan! 
Here's Bryce chatting it up with the driver! 
Here is some awesome info about the Junior Ride along experience and a really cool contest!!!

What is the Junior Ride-Along experience all about?
RPDE’s “Junior Ride-Alongs” program will provide children, who are 6-13 years of age and at least 48 inches in height, the opportunity to experience real-life racing excitement while they ride shotgun with a professional driving instructor for three thrilling laps in a specially equipped two-seat NASCAR race car.  “Junior Ride-Alongs” are possible as a result of RPDE’s partnership with The Joie of Seating, a premier fabricator of custom-fitted aluminum racing seats owned and operated by two-time NASCAR Nationwide series champion Randy LaJoie. The North Carolina-based company built custom racing seats for this program, specifically designed to ensure the safety and security of smaller bodies. These full containment racing seats feature built-in shoulder and head protection and a five-point safety harness that is the same design used by NASCAR drivers. Located just outside the Magic Kingdom property, RPDE’s Disney location has been known as a high-speed attraction for adults for more than a decade, providing thousands of moms and dads the thrill of a lifetime. Now with “Junior Ride-Alongs” available, NASCAR racing can become a family affair at Disney. (You follow the signs for Magic Kingdom, tell the parking attendant that you are heading to the Richard Petty driving experience, and parking is FREE)  “Junior Ride-Alongs” with Richard Petty Driving Experience at Walt Disney World® Speedway are $59. No reservations are required.

They are also hosting a drawing contest until May 31st.
To celebrate the expansion of the Junior Ride-Along program, RPDE’s contest invites children ages 6 to 13 (and at least 48 inches tall) to submit a hand-drawn picture of legendary Richard Petty, 'The King' of NASCAR racing, for a chance to win a “Junior Ride-Along” party for 10 Junior Riders.  Selected by a panel of RPDE judges and ‘The King’ himself, the winning drawing will be used to wrap the hood of the new “Junior Ride-Along” cars*.  To enter, visit and download the hood template and submit their drawing by May 31. The winner will be announced June 14.

Would your child like to be a part of this awesome contest? Have you ever been in a race car? Would you? I totally would!!! I will do this someday! BUCKET LIST! 

**disclosure: The Richard Petty Driving Experience gave us the ride along for free. All opinions were my own.


Family Fitness Fun at Manatee Paddle

SUP at Manatee Paddle: A Great Way to Enjoy Nature and Get a workout! 
Do you want something amazing to do this summer with your family? Head out to Crystal River's brand new place to experience one of a kind nature and fun! Manatee Paddle is all of that and so much more! My son and I got a group of bloggers together and headed out for a day on the water. It was the most fun! Manatee Paddle is located right off of Crystal River and if you have never been to Crystal River, you have to check it out. 
As we launched, Bryce, my 9 year old, went first. He was a pro! He made me realize that I could do it. I have never been paddle boarding before so I was a bit nervous. There was no need to be. I did fall twice, but I quickly learned to center myself and engage my core. It was easy! We also had a chance to stop and swim and enjoy the beautiful water. My son saw a manatee and was very excited.
How about this for a calorie burn??? And I had a blast the whole time!

Manatee Paddle opens June 1st. We were fortunate to be a part of the trial run. Wes, who runs the tours was amazing. He had so much patience and knowledge, it was a blast. I cannot wait to go back once they open. We are addicted! Please hop over and "like" their facebook page. You have to see this great new business in action! 

The water was so clear and so beautiful in the Springs.  We started out on the river and paddled over to The Three Sisters Springs. It was so beautiful! I hope you will check it out. Have you ever been paddle boarding before? I definitely want to buy one, soon!

*disclosure: Manatee Paddle provided this tour free of charge. All opinions are my own.


The Great Mother's Day Race recap and Father's Day Race is Next! Family Fitness Fun!

The Great Mother's Day Race Recap and the Fun of Family Fitness!

This past weekend, I celebrated Mother's Day in the most awesomest way imaginable. I ran a 5K with my best buddy and the boy who gave me the best title I have ever had. I was so lucky to have been asked to be a blogger for The Great Mother's Day Race. Bryce was very excited to be running his second race of the year.

He told me that he really wanted to stay with me this time, but as soon as the gun went off, he was gone! He is so much faster than I am. I really wanted to get myself back to my speed when I was in the heart of training for my half marathon, but I am still about 5 minutes slower. Grrr! I am planning on seeing a big difference as I continue my crossfit journey.

The course was really pretty. Al Lopez Park has some pretty scenery. There was one leg of the race where we were near the street, but I like that too... It's nice when people honk their horns at you... I assume they are cheering for me and only me!

As I got to the last mile, I saw the cutest little blonde head bopping up and down in front of me. I knew it was Ronin, my friend Jenny's (who is also a blogger) son. Ronin took off fast with Bryce. I caught up with him, and we walked a bit and talked. He was quick to start running again though once he saw his mom and his guide dog, Matthew coming toward him. Jenny and I finished the race together, and it was pretty cool since we are both Polar Ambassadors.  I am sure you couldn't tell by our clothing :)

Bryce actually ended up finishing over 10 minutes ahead of me. Yep... he's a rock star! He was 8th in the 18 and under category and 80th overall. Not too shabby! He had a blast too!

It was an awesome way to spend Mother's Day. They also have The Great Father's Day Race coming up in July. I am hoping Bryce and I will have the opportunity to run that as well. It was a really special moment to see my son cheering for me at the finish line. Everyone needs to run a race with their children. It is something special when you share a love of fitness... and it's great to get them outside!!!


Beginning CrossFit! Feeling tough!

Time to Cross something off the Bucket list! 

There is something that you need to know about me, if you don't already... I am a competitor. I will compete in everything I do whether you like it or not. Running has been tough for me because I am lacking in the "fast"department. So at a race, I lose!  It's okay, I am starting to understand that I can still compete against myself, but this past Saturday, I got "that" feeling back when I worked out.

I decided to contact a CrossFit box near me and find out more about it. I contacted CrossFit Blackbeard because I have 2 good friends who have been there and love it. I went in the very next day to begin my CrossFit journey. This has been on my bucket list for over a year, and I will tell you that I was so nervous walking into that box Saturday morning. I saw strong men working out, but I was amazed by the strong women who were competing with them and I think they were actually winning! Love that!

This is Rob and he's pretty much awesome!
Day 1
I met Rob, one of the owners and Jenn. They were awesome! I have about 50 or so pounds to lose (yikes, I just admitted that out loud didn't I) and I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to hang. Rob showed me some important skills, like the proper form of the different squats and push-up and pull-ups. I did 5 assisted pull-ups, but I am proud of that! I like the view from above that bar and plan to kick butt with those in the future! Another item on my bucket list is to do an unassisted pull-up. I am pretty sure that CrossFit Blackbeard is going to be helping with that. I did my first "WOD" workout of the day or as we call it at Blackbeard, "Met Con" short for metabolic conditioning. It was tough, and I am pretty sure they went easy on me. I may or may not have lost my breakfast during this workout, but I came back and continued. I felt like a beast!!! It was awesome.

Day 2
Yesterday, I returned for session 2 of the fundamentals class.  I got to meet the other partner Trey. Trey was a little tougher than Rob. (I think Rob let me get away with a bit, but they were both awesome!) Trey showed me the rope, the rings and the bar! Oh my... Not the bar with the drinks unfortunately! He talked me up and made me feel like I was capable of anything, because I AM!  I had a great second workout, and I look forward to walking in again today! I wonder what the next workout will be. I will share it with you tomorrow!

Please check out their website and you can find pricing here as well. Their website offers you a workout of the day as well. facebook! Tell them that Mindy sent you and follow them on Twitter too!


Runner Problem solved! HB Tune Giveaway!

Runner Problem... Solved!

I struggle with my music, phone and headphones constantly when I run. I figured it was just they way it would be. I have tried many different belts to secure my phone so that I can hear my music when I run. This is really the best way for me to tell you about HB Tune handband. It's a must have!!! It has changed my running life. I love it! You will too!

Who wants to win one????  Oh and don't forget to join my Dietbet... CLICK HERE!

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Do you need some Healthy Energy?

I Need Some Healthy Energy!
Since I began this fitness journey, I haven't really added any supplements to my diet. I do take a multi-vitamin, but that is about it. I have seen so many people drink 5 hour energy and Red Bull and things like that, but honestly, it has always scared me to put that much caffeine into my body. I like soda, so when I drink that, that is enough caffeine.  I have tried to limit that anyways.

I am trying to get myself healthy and fit, so I don't want to add new bad habits... just good habits!

For the last year or so, I have heard many friends of mine talking about FRS Healthy Energy. Friends have talked about their full line of Healthy Energy products that include chews, ready to drink beverages, shots, and concentrates. What I liked about it was that FRS Healthy Energy provides natural sustained energy without the crash. That alone sounds healthy. I have listened and I have read about it,  but I wondered if that was really for me. Then I heard that professional quarter Tim Tebow uses it... well... I think everything about him is awesome. He's my son's favorite too. So I did a little more research and found out that FRS products contain the powerful antioxidant quercetin. Quercetin has been demonstrated in multiple clinical trials to provide sustained energy, increased endurance, and immune system support. FRS Healthy Energy was actually developed to give chemotherapy patients energy.

When FitFluential offered me this chance to try it, I couldn't resist. I was sent the Healthy Energy ready-to-drink beverages, chews and powdered drink mixes.

I decided to try the chews. Lately when I get home from work, I am so tired. I am a teacher and the school year is winding down, so this is the busiest time of the year. I have been struggling with getting out and doing some sort of activity. Last week I decided to take 2 chews, and I couldn't believe how great I felt.  I got busy with my workout and cleaned the house! Needless to say, the next day I took those chews again. It was the same effect! I was disappointed that my chews were gone, but I decided that I had better give the other products a try too.

On Friday, I brought the powder in a water bottle with me to drink on the way to my run. It was good too. I didn't shake it up enough, but other than that,  I will definitely use it again.

Yesterday, I went paddle boarding with my son. We went early in the morning and stayed out for about 4 hours. It was awesome, but when we were finished, I was exhausted. The problem was that I had a whole bunch of things to do to get ready for the week.  So I grabbed a ready-to-drink FRS Healthy Energy. The taste was alright but the energy from it was great. I was able to get almost everything done. Good stuff!

My favorite was the chews. I have already bought a bag of them. They are delicious! I love that they are nice and easy. Drinking a whole drink is tougher for me than just popping two chews in my mouth. Super easy! I am a low-maintainence girl... so these chews are perfect!

You can find FRS Healthy Energy at: GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Kroger, Whole Foods, Rite Aid, Meijer, Walgreens, Harris Teeter, and among other places.

FRS has two very cool things going on right now! Check it out below:

GNC coupon for FRS:
Right now FRS is offer a sale for $1 off a 4-pack of FRS Healthy Energy at GNC with promo code 21460. This blog post must be printed and presented as a coupon or must be shown on a smartphone.  It expires on May 31, 2013.

Ultimate Fitness Giveaway from FRS:
Click the following link to enter to win FRS gear each week and the grand prize winner will win a personal trainer, sessions with a nutritionist and a one-year supply of FRS. Entries must be submitted by May 31, 2013.

*disclosure: All product was received for review purposes as part of a FitFluential Campaign.


Time to Jump on the Weight Loss Train!!!

It's Time to Jump on the Weight loss Train...

This train is leaving the station, friends... again! As we wrap this first DietBet for Mindy's Fitness Journey, that totaled $15,765, another one is beginning! The Dietbet that is almost over right now has a Total weight lost of 2,908 pounds and we still have a little under a week! It's time to jump on this train folks! How nice is it to lose weight and make money. What this video to see how easy it is! This is legit.  I have already done 3 Dietbets. I am making money and having fun.  I also have a facebook group you can join for extra support.  Join Mindy's Diet Bet Support Group HERE!
Let me first tell you that I love to gamble, but I am THE WORST gambler in the history of the world. I would be better off skipping casinos and just flushing my money down the toilet. It's that bad!

But with the DietBet, I am in charge, and I WILL win! This can't even be considered gambling. I consider it an investment in myself.

Here is how it works:
1. Join my game:
2. Two days before your games begins, you will be prompted to submit your official weigh in.  You will need a scale (preferably digital,) a camera or smart phone, and a full length mirror or someone who can take your picture. You will submit 2 photos.  One of you on a scale in "airport security attire" (I think that means they want you comfortable and appropriate... lol) and another of the scale's readout with your "secret" weigh in word. (you will do this same process when the bet ends. The secret word will be different.)  Your weight can be private, and NO ONE (not even me) sees your pictures. They WILL NOT be published.
3. Now all you need to do is lose 4% of your body weight.  So if you weigh 200 lbs, you only need to lose 8 lbs in 28 days... totally doable!!!

From the official DietBet site.
We have a photo review process in which players submit proof of their initial and final weights to our team of Referees. We also have algorithms that detect unusual activity within a game or across games and use an auditing system where some players may be required to submit extra proof of their weight loss using: a Skype weigh-in with one of our Referees, a video weigh-in, or an in-person weigh-in at a location pre-approved by DietBet, such as a Walgreens or CVS clinic. If requested, you will have to submit further proof of your weight within 24 hours. Since weights fluctuate naturally, we allow up to 1% of your final weight as variance for your audited weigh-in only. This variance does not apply to the standard final weigh-in. Failure to comply will result in disqualification and forfeiture of your winnings and initial bet. You may also be banned from playing again and subject to other penalties. To see the legal fine print, click here.

There is no excuse!!! Get signed up now! Ok, we have a ton of excuses, right? I am too busy, I am a single mom with no time, my son has practice, I am tired, it's raining... It goes on and on.... Give me your best excuse for not working out... Leave it in the comments here :) 

*disclosure: DietBet paid for my entry into this DietBet.