An Open Letter to my Motivation....

I need to do this again
Dear Motivation,
I know that there has been a lot going on lately and I ignored you for quite some time. I know that I let stress and fear take over my life and pushed you away. I am sorry. I need you to come back. I am ready to change and become the woman I am supposed to be.  What can I do to make you return? 

And I need to flip tires!
I promise I won't cheat on you again. I won't make excuses anymore. I will think before I eat! It's time to come home. There is room for you here. I need you here. When you are around, everyone is happier! My son is proud of me when you are here. You make me better!
Rappelling down a building! 

There was a time that I wouldn't have even considered skipping the gym or a run. Sometimes I would spend extra hours at the gym. I loved how I felt. I miss that feeling. I had that feeling because you were such a strong presence in my life.

You taught me that I could do whatever I put my mind to. You pushed me to do a half marathon, to rappel down a building, to join CrossFit, to try mud runs, and to even do the Tough Mudder.  I am ready! Come back to me!

Please consider returning! I am ready to take on this healthy lifestyle and lead by example. I know what to do, but without you, I cannot seem to get it started. 

I did Tough Mudder! 
I need you. Please come back! I love the way I feel when you are in my life!

Mindy's Fitness Journey