Winners of the Polar Giveaway and Mindy's biggest Annoyance

My Response to an offensive ad that insults women's intelligence and takes us back 60 years. Sorry TGI Fridays, but I love football and I know more than most men...

And the winners are:

Congratulations to our winners!!! If you are a winner please message me on my facebook page
 with your email address and where you would like me to send the item. 

It lists the first name and last initial, so I may have to clarify who the winners are. 


One day left! Don't Delay!!! Polar Giveaway!

There are just 24 hours left from my giveaway!!!

Enter here to win this limited edition (Polar only made 20 of these shirts and are only giving them out to SPECIAL people with awesome stories!!! You could own this... This one is a Women's Medium.

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This is the ONLY place that you can get this shirt! It's one of 20 shirts that have been made by Polar... Watch my Vlog to find out more!!! 

Polar Giveaway!!!


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Very cool Polar USA limited edition t-shirt giveaway coming soon!

Sometimes life surprises you with special rewards that are very unexpected!

A month or so ago, I was making some motivational posters for my facebook page, and I came up with one for my Polar. I decided that I wanted it to say, "If I pass out, please pause my Polar!" I didn't think this was a big deal, but I loved it. I posted it on PolarUSA's facebook page. They reposted it, and that made my day.

A couple days later I was contacted by someone amazing, who will remain nameless, and he asked if I would be interested in being an ambassador for Polar! I was SHOCKED! Um, hello??? My Polar is my most favorite fitness accessory! I couldn't believe it! I am not sure if it was my cover photo that I posted on their wall or the fact that I have taken a million pics of my Polar after workouts, or that I had just done a Vlog review about my Polar.  Whatever the reason, I was elated! This is a dream come true for me. To be working with a company that I feel so strongly and positive about is like living a dream!

Not too long after that, I was contacted by another person from PolarUSA. She told me that they wanted to make t-shirts using the cover photo. She said she would give me a couple to give away on my page. I was very surprised that I was getting this offer since really I didn't do anything but have an idea. What was even cooler is that these shirts are not going to be sold, they are going to be given to a very selective few to wear to races and such. I have one to give away now. I also have a water bottle and 2 bracelets to give away.
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I am looking forward to what the future holds for Polar and me. I am so excited to partner up with such an awesome group of ambassadors.

I also have been chosen as a Sweat Pink ambassador for Fit Approach and an ambassador for Girls Gone Sporty This is in addition to being a Fitfluential Ambassador and an Ambassador for Health for the Women's Half Marathon.

This is a very exciting time in my life and even though right this second I am wearing a boot on my foot, I have no doubt that amazing things are headed my way through fitness! I can't wait to see what the next year is going to bring me! I truly am BLESSED!

I wish you all knew me a few years ago when all hope for finding fitness was lost. I am in such a better place. I am posting a picture of my work ID badge that my son found a few days ago. It's hard to believe that this was me. I was so sad. I had forgotten to live. I was going through a divorce and things were really tough.  I thought that my son was my only reason for living.

And look at me now. Am I fit? No, not yet but I am getting there... Am I perfect? Heck no! Am I happy? YES!!! Because I have started living for myself. I started putting myself first in my life! If I can do this, anyone can!

Tomorrow, I will post my giveaway!! Be on the lookout!!!


Winner of the Entry to WHM and Some Tough News for me!

I am getting the bad news out of the way! I ran a 10K yesterday, and I knew something bad was going on. I was having pain in my achilles tendon during the run. It hurt A LOT. I knew it wasn't normal hurt!

I went home and iced it immediately hoping that it would magically disappear. It tightened up more yesterday and today it was worse. I knew I needed to go to the doctor. The last thing I want is to make it worse. I need it to heal quickly!!!

Well the doctor confirmed my suspicions. He thinks it's tendonitis. I am going to do PT and go back in 2 weeks. I have to wear this boot for 2 weeks.  No running for 2 weeks at least!!!

I am scared! I have finally gotten to a point that I don't HATE running. I don't want to lose my almost like for running. I don't want to lose the ground I have gained and I don't want to gain the weight I have lost.

This is really the first injury of my life, so I guess I just need to be thankful. This will pass. Thank you to everyone for all of the sweet words you have shared! I know it could be worse! Thank you!!!

Here's a shot of the "Heel striker" right there... 

And the winner is:
The winner of the Women's Half Marathon Entry is
RENEE T.  Congratulations!!!!
Send me a message with your email and address. I am excited that you will be joining me at this race!!!

And last but not least, my vlog! You will get to meet my boyfriend... okay, not really, but you should watch! It's long, but you will leave happy! (Did I convince you to watch???)


Last chance for #WomenHalf giveaway!

My Journey to the Women's Half Marathon St. Pete continued...

I am almost 2 months away from achieving my biggest fitness goal yet! The WHM is going to be here before I know it! I cannot wait! Every single day I get closer to reaching my goal, and every single day I feel stronger than I did the previous day.

As you saw in my last vlog, I ran 7.5 miles. If you didn't see it, you can watch it here:  It was a little mushy with tears and all, but it was me, and I did feel all of that. After that, I wondered if I would feel that way every time I ran more than the last. Well, this week I ran 8 miles and learned that it isn't something we have to worry about every week. I felt great and I was proud, but I didn't feel the rush of emotions like last time. So that is a relief.

What does that mean? I started thinking about this. Why didn't I feel the emotion that I did last time? I realized that now I have confidence that I can do so much more than I thought I could. That was where the emotion came from. Will I feel that rush of emotion again? God I hope so! It was one of the best feelings I have ever felt.

It's amazing to me what this journey has done for me on the inside. I am a different woman than I used to be. I wish I could share this with all of the people who are sitting at home thinking that they could never do this. I used to be you. I used to think that my days of being an athlete were over. I had given up.

Well, I got lucky. Someone posted a weight loss challenge on facebook, and I decided to try. What did I have to lose?? I had no idea that 8 months later, I would be an Ambassador for Good Health for the Women's Half Marathon, a Polar Ambassador, a Fitfluential Ambassador, and a Sweat Pink Ambassador. I had no idea that people would write to me and tell me that I motivate them. Let me tell you right now, if I motivate you even a hair, you motivate me 100x that! I am just a girl who decided it was time to make a change. I am just like you!

Tonight before I went running, I did a vlog. I hope you enjoy my silliness. I do have funny making these videos. I am a little goofy! (as you know!)

And don't forget to enter my giveaway for an entry to The Women's Half Marathon St. Pete!!!

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Journey to the #WomensHalf Marathon and giveaway

Training this week:

This week has been a great workout week for me. I have been hitting the gym and the pavement hard! I didn't get a run in yesterday like I had planned though, so I have to find time to make it up. It will be a 40 min. run. I will do sprint intervals. I would love for my pace to get quicker, although it really isn't my main goal.

My main goal in this half marathon is to run the entire thing. Had you told me that it was possible when I began this training, I wouldn't have believed you. But now I am seeing a huge difference in my endurance.

I think there is a wall that I hit while running. Once I get over that wall, things are just quicker, stronger and better. Last week in my 7.5 mile run (the longest ever for me) I was surprised that I felt better on the way back from that run than I have normally on a shorter run. It was really weird for me. I think that is why I was so emotional.

I hit a point where I realized that I am indeed a runner. Who knew! :)

Honestly though, I am NOT looking forward to the beginning of my long run on Sunday. We are doing 8 miles, and I know that when I begin that run, I am going to have to listen to that witch in my head try to tell me that I can't do it for an hour and a half!!! But I will beat her again because now I know I can!!!

Want to Run the Women's Half Marathon St. Pete with me???

Enter to win a Free Entry to The WHM St. Pete on Nov. 18th!

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Run the Women's Half St. Pete with me!

You can follow my journey to the WHM here or on my facebook page at

As most of you know, I was chosen as an Ambassador for Good Health from the Lady's Speed Stick Half Marathon. We are giving away one registration for the race on Nov. 18th! I would love to run this with you! I have a discount code for you as well if you would like to register. Enter BLOGFL12 to get $10 off.

The "Fit Angels" Half Marathon Team

Today was the over halfway point to our half marathon training. When I woke up this morning I thought I was running 7 miles. I was terrified, but I knew I could do it. I am not going to lie to you, when I heard my trainer, Bekah say that we were running 7.5 miles I freaked out a little in my head. That twit who lives in my head started telling my that there was NO possible way that I could do that. She reminded me of every mistake I had made this past week in training or diet. She wanted me to start walking into mile one. You all know that twit... (twit is my nice way of saying, "Witch with a B!) That twit lives in all of us! The only way to get rid of her is to prove her wrong!

That twit loves to try to dictate how my runs go. Today she was telling me that I couldn't do it like she always does. Well, I didn't listen. I told her that I could because I felt strong. I knew I was going to do it. She let me run another mile and a half and then she told me that there was something biting my leg and I should stop to scratch it. I almost did but realized that there was nothing there. The itchy leg lasted for a few minutes til she stopped complaining about that. On the last mile of the run, she decided to tell me that I had "HORRIBLE" cramps in my quads/hip flexors. For a second I believed her, but then I realized I was just fine. 

I beat that twit! I did not let the voice in my head control my run today! I only walked twice while I drank water, and it wasn't very long, just enough to get a couple of sips! My sense of accomplishment was overwhelming. I had to record a video because I needed to get it out! I needed you all to know that you are capable of doing anything you want. Yes, it's 7.5 miles. For some people, that is nothing, and maybe someday for me it will be nothing, but for now, it's EVERYTHING! And I did it!

Here is my Vlog about today's 7.5 mile run...


If you would like to run the Lady's Speed Stick Half Marathon St. Pete, you now have a chance to run with me! I am doing a giveaway that will run for 2 weeks. I hope to see all of you there on Nov. 18.  For more info about the race, check out

Here is your chance to enter the giveaway! You may enter with the tweet daily. The rest of the form is a one time thing! Hope to see you there!

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