Give the Gift Everyone Needs for Christmas! Win one for yourself! #polarusa

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Give a gift this year that is going to help others reach their health goals! It used to be that when you wanted something fitness related, you were looking at a similar style for every brand. Now the best brand of fitness gadgets has created products that are not only the best on the market, but they make you look GREAT! I have been a Polar Ambassador for many years and I am so excited to see that every year they make me drool in anticipation of the products they launch. Not only do you get a Polar product, but you also get so much more. You get a stylish product, state of the art technology and the best customer service out there.  You also have me. I will be your resource if you any questions. Check out Polar at http://www.polar.com/us-en
Polar Loop 2

The Loop 2 helps you stay active throughout the day with vibrating inactivity alerts. If you sit longer than 55 minutes, your Loop 2 will encourage you to move.

Finding time for fitness is not always easy. The Loop 2 offers motivating feedback and personalized guidance to achieve your fitness goals. The Loop 2 displays your totals steps, calories burned, daily activity goal as well as the time.  And best of all, it comes in lots of different colors... even one that sparkles!! This is the perfect gift for someone who is just starting out in fitness as well as someone who has been hard at work for many years. 

Polar A300

The A300 does it all. It tracks your daily activity and shows steps, distance as well as calories burned. It will give you a daily activity goal and guide you on how to reach it. It measures your 24/7 Activity. It will help your daily activity, training and sleep in balance for a healthier lifestyle. Yes, I said it will track your sleep too.  It does it all. You also have an array of colors to choose from with interchangeable bands. For those of us who are older like me, it kind of reminds me of the 90s :) 

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Yes, you have a chance here to win either a Polar Loop 2 or a Polar A300. The best part is Polar is letting the winner choose which one he or she wants! So here's your chance for "Santa" to get something for you too!
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College would be a Great Holiday gift! #startingisbelieving

The worst part of graduating from college is the student loans! No one enjoys getting that bill every month. You now have to opportunity to stop that from happening to your loved ones. This holiday season, give the gift that will make college graduation better! Give a Florida Prepaid College Fund to the people that mean the most in your life.

Something I was personally thankful for on Thanksgiving was the piece of mind that I opened a Prepaid account and avoided debt for my future and for Bryce, my son's future.

This is the first post in my series of Holiday Gift Ideas! I know that Bryce wasn't terribly excited to hear that this is something that his father and I are doing for him, but in the long run he will be! Obviously when you are 12 you'd like an iPad or an iPhone... But this is something he will get a WHOLE lot more use out of for sure! And he does already understand that college isn't just something we hope he will do, it is something he WILL do no matter what!

You can open a Florida Prepaid College Plan for as low as $46 a month! The enrollment period ends Feb. 29th! There is literally a plan for everyone!

Be the superhero your child needs! Then they can soar to be the superhero you dream of them being!

Sign up today at http://www.myfloridaprepaid.com/

I am giving away a Florida Prepaid "Swag Pack" to one lucky reader. Winner will receive a backpack, pencil pouch, pen, tshirt and water bottle.  All you have to do is comment below telling me who you know that would benefit from a prepaid college plan.  That will enter you to win. If you share this blog post and leave the twitter link here, that will count as a second entry. Winner must be in the US and will be announced Thurs. Dec. 10th. Good luck!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Florida Prepaid College Board through my role as a Believer Blogger. All thoughts are my own.


Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment has Begun and giveaway~ #startingisbelieving

My son... my heart!
Open Enrollment has begun!  I am so excited that Florida Prepaid is still affordable to Florida family! Don't delay! Open enrollment will end Feb. 29th, 2016... yes, it is leap year, so you have an extra day! 

A college plan is so important to me because of this fella to the right. He is my world and I want the best for him. I don't know what my situation financially will be in 7-8 years, but with Florida Prepaid, it won't matter. Bryce, my son, will be ready to go to college. 

Parents are the "everything" for their children. Check out this video... It just makes sense!


Scholarship Giveaway! 
Ten lucky students will win a 2-year Florida college scholarship.

Florida Prepaid College Board is proud to offer 10 lucky families and opportunity to create a brighter future for their children and grandchildren. Our Florida Prepaid Scholarship Program gives you the chance to win one of TEN 2-Year Florida Collge Plan scholarships, valued at $9,200! The scholarships will be provided by the Florida Prepaid College Foundation.

Florida Prepaid College Board is proud to offer 10 lucky families an opportunity to create a brighter future for their children or grandchildren. Our Florida Prepaid Scholarship Program gives you the chance to win one of TEN 2-Year Florida College Plan scholarships, valued at $9,200! The scholarships will be provided by the Florida Prepaid College Foundation. 

The 2-Year Florida College Plan covers tuition and other specified fees for 60 lower division credit hours at a Florida College.
A student earning an Associate's Degree at any Florida College is guaranteed admission to a State University.
In addition to the 2-Year Florida College Plans, there will also be 10 weekly prize winners (a total of 50 over the five-week program).
You can participate daily! The more entries you receive, the better your chances of winning.

The program runs from October 12, 2015, through November 15, 2015, at 11:59 p.m.

Entering is simple. Just visit floridaprepaidscholarshipprogram.com for Sweepstakes Rules and details for your chance at this remarkable opportunity!!


#Woodlawn the Movie: A Must See and Giveaway

Woodlawn the Movie demonstrates exactly what happens when God shows up and people follow Him. You HAVE to go see this movie this week. It will change how you look at things! At Life! At your life! This is a movie and inspirational true story that shows how a group of young people used love instead of hate to conquer the race divide in the 1970s in Birmingham AL.

It's the story of a school, Woodlawn that is suddenly integrated. The city erupts and there are cross burnings and riots. Coach Tandy Geralds has no idea how to solve these race relations. Until one man, Hank asks if he can speak to the team. Hank asks them to follow God. The entire team ends up following. The most amazing things happen to this team.  They make a run for the playoffs and Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant (played by Jon Voight) even shows up from the University of Alabama. Hank says this miracle is what happens when God shows up! I agree with this but I will even add my opinion to this... God always shows up, but this is what happens when WE follow Him!

The coach and his players surrender their lives to Christ. It's amazing. My son and I connected to this because last month, we were baptized together at our church. We know what happens when God shows up! Rejoice! When Coach Geralds has his moment where he surrenders to God, it's more special than ever to see now that I know how this story was told. Coach Gerald's son shared this moment, the moment of baptism. As he watched the movie being filmed he had tears rolling down his face knowing what that particular moment meant to his father. It's an amazing part of the movie.

You will also learn about Touchdown Tony. He is the reluctant hero. One of my favorite scenes is when he first runs the ball. At this point the African American players did not get to play too much. It is actually causing a disruption in the stands between the whites and blacks. Geralds decided to put Tony in and he has a great run but runs out of bounds. He doesn't want to get hit. The coach tells him that it hurts a lot less when you are the one doing the hitting. It made me smile because it is exactly what my father has always told his boys. Tony goes on to be a heck of a player and hero! I don't want to spoil the movie so I will leave it at that.

My son and I were recently baptized at our church.
This movie hit home for me personally. My father is THE most significant and influential football coach I've ever know. He's been coaching for my entire 41 years, and there are still former students who reach out to him from 40 years ago to thank him and tell him that they love him. They tell him that he, my father, made a huge difference in their lives. My father is a man of God, but he is quiet about it. He doesn't preach from the bible, but he uses stories from the bible to inspire his team. I have heard the David and Goliath story (just like Hank in the movie) for many years.

I think people are going to leave the theaters thinking about their faith and I hope they wonder how they can start their very own revival. I know that all I keep thinking about is how I can help make Jesus famous again!

This movie will tug at your heart and make you simply feel joy! It is what faith, true faith looks like. 40 football players and their coaches transformed a school and a city simply because they loved each other. Please go see this movie! We can't wait to see it in the theaters with a room full of people who believe and want to follow Him as well. I know that God is going to be showing up in theaters all across this country! And we will follow Him!

One more thing... I have a giveaway! Click below to enter... It's really good!
You have a chance to win a prize pack: A Woodlawn t-shirt (size med) and three books Woodlawn, Touchdown Tony and When God Shows Up (a devotional.)
One winner will be chosen and you have to live in the US (sorry)
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Getting the Pounds Off easily with the Body Fat Smart Scale #Giveaway

As most of you know, weight gain is a constant struggle. I fell off the wagon for a while and I let my weight creep back up to a new high for me. I am embarrassed and ashamed, but no more! 4 weeks ago I stepped into Weight Watchers and have begun my journey again!

Weight loss is never easy and we all hate that dreaded scale, until we see magic happen. Those numbers go down! And now it's fun to get on that scale to see my progress! 

About a year ago, I was sent a Body Fat Smart Scale. I used it and I thought that I would review it as I lost weight. Well, that wasn't happening, so it began to collect dust. 4 weeks ago I wiped off that dust and decided to give it a try!

What makes the Body Fat Smart Scale unique is that it measures weight, calculates body fat, muscle mass and body water. There is a daily calorie feature which calculates maximum calorie intake needed to maintain weight. It uses the latest Bluetooth® technolgy to then transfer you data to your smart phone or tablet. 

There is an app and you can trasmit data to your favorite fitness apps including Mapmyfitness, MyFitnessPal, or RunKeeper. The SmarTrack app allows you to share data via email, twitter and facebook. 

The Smart Scale reinforces the belief that weight management is not a quick fix, rather a long term commitment to a healthy lifestyle. 

Regularly priced, this scale is $59.95, but right now it's on sale at Amazon for $49.95.

This scale has a sleek look, and definitely helped me get on track with my weightloss. It was so easy. I downloaded the app from Google Play and created an account. It easily connects to your scale. Once the scale pops up on your screen, you simply click on it. 

You set your height, weight, activity level and weight preferences all from your phone. Now you are able to keep track of your weight (it even tracks it for you) and no more writing things down! 

So if you are looking for an easy way to get your health under control, I highly recommend this scale. It's done great things for me!
You can learn more here:
Connect with us
Facebook: eatsmartproducts
Twitter: @eatsmartscales
Pinterest: eatsmartscales
Instagram: eatsmartscales
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Is Your Child Going to College: Florida Prepaid College Fund

My Bryce... this is why I did Florida Prepaid!
One of the best things that we have ever done for my son is get him the Florida Prepaid College Fund. Starting is believing and the time to start is now! My son has the opportunity to go to college without having to take on HUGE student loans that he will spend the rest of his life paying back. That matters to me!!! I know you are probably worried about cost. I know... I was too. But this is doable! And worth it. When we purchased our plan for Bryce, we went for the 4 Year Florida University Plan. Yes, it was more expensive, but for us, we needed to do it! It just made sense. We are so glad we have it too. We didn't start when Bryce was a newborn either. You can start late if you need to! Check it out! 

Monthly prices for newborn are below:

4-Yr Florida University Plan
1-Yr Florida University Plan
2 + 2 Florida Plan
4 Yr College Plan
2 Yr College Plan

There are a few different plans that you can choose from. The Florida Prepaid College Board is introducing the new 1-Year Florida University planYou can purchase one year, or 30 credit hours, at a time according to your budget and timeline, without feeling the pressure of having to buy all four years at once
 The plan also allows multiple purchasers to buy a plan for the same child. So now you can team up with other family members to help pay for your child’s higher education.
For example, let Grandma and Grandpa buy one year and you purchase another. A child can have up to four 1-Year Florida University Plans.

Another plan is a 2 year Florida College Plan.  You can set your child up with a practical and affordable path for an Associate's degree or trade certification. This will give your child the advantage over those with only a high school diploma. 

If you want to go for the whole 4 years, there is the 4 Year College plan. This is a practical and affordable path to a Bachelor's degree. There are 28 Florida colleges and they've expanded their capabilities far beyond the two-year programs. In face, most now offer four-year bachelor's degrees. There is also a 2+2 Florida College Plan. Your child can start off at one of the state's 28 Florida colleges and you will save money on lower-level courses before transferring to a State University to finish off their degree. 

The last plan is the 4 Year University Plan. This plan will start your child off at one of Florida's 12 prestigious state universities and see them through their 4 years of college. 

All of the prepaid plans, every dime of the plan, can be applied to any university or college nationwide or if unused, refunded back to the student. 

Whether you’re already familiar with Florida Prepaid and still need some guidance or you’re just getting started, this Interactive Conversation will help you learn even more about the Florida 529 Savings Plan and Florida Prepaid College Plans. Click Here: http://www.myfloridaprepaid.com/college-savings-101/interactive-conversation/ 

What are you waiting for? 

Blog disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Florida Prepaid College Board, through my role as a Believer Blogger. All thoughts are my own. 


Getting my son to be healthier without him knowing it... or even better... with his knowledge and approval! #silkcashew

I had a hard time deciding what to get! I ended up with chocolate!
"Silk is changing the world, one sip (or spoonful) at a time!" I have always been afraid of these alternatives to milk. I was afraid that I wouldn't like it or it wouldn't taste right. I was recently asked to write a review on Silk Cashewmilk. 

Bryce (my son) and I had already decided that it was time to try make our household a healthier place. My biggest fear in life is that my bad habits will become his. So adding some cashewmilk sounded like a good start. 

It's funny because as I was sitting here writing this post, I was thinking about what my angle would be. I went into Bryce's room to check on him because he is reading his summer reading book. I walked in on him drinking straight from the carton. I was able to snap this picture of him enjoying his chocolate silk! Priceless and very timely! It's very nice that I had my angle! Why not feed your kids things they like? I am so happy that I found a product that my son has to sneak into his room that tastes great and is a healthy alternative!

Cashewmilk is the product for people who are looking for a creamy, calorie-conscious, versatile alternative to dairy milk. There are 4 flavors: original, unsweetened, vanilla and chocolate. It is lactose free, dairy free, cholesterol free, has no high fructose corn syrup, 
no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, plant based, has no GMOs, is responsibly produced, and has no gluten, casein, peanuts, eggs and MSG.

You can learn more about the Silk at http://silk.com/our-story

NEW Vanilla & Chocolate Silk Cashewmilk!
I had heard the advertisements telling me that Silk Cashewmilk was irresistibly creamy. But what caught my eye now is the Introduction of new Chocolate and Vanilla flavors. Whether you’re looking for fewer calories, less sugar or something to please the kids, life just got a little sweeter. And those ads were right. It is delicious! 

Not only is summer full of activities, get-togethers, and outdoor adventures, but back-to-school is lurking just around the corner. I am glad that I have found something that can start out our day at breakfast time as well as something for the lunchbox. Kids love chocolate milk (let's be honest so do adults!) 
*Silk chocolate Cashewmilk: 90 calories and 16 gm of sugar/svg
*low fat diary chocolate milk: 180 calories and 24 gm of sugar/svg

I am not the most creative chef or baker. I don't get creative on my own, but the good thing is that you can go to the Silk website and sign up to get a coupon and some great recipes! You don't have to be creative! They have done that for you! Yay! 

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.