Make Sure Your Child Goes to College

Blog disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Florida Prepaid College Board, through my role as a 
Believer Blogger. All thoughts are my own.


Hey Mom and Dad friends... Have you started saving for your child's college education? Florida Prepaid’s most popular Prepaid Plans have been drastically reduced! Plus, the $50 application fee will be waived until December 31! This is a great investment! Check out all the plan options. I know that like me, you all recognize that your child HAS to go to college. Check out this graphic... Yikes! Times they are a-changing... College is WAY too important to miss. I want my son to have the best chance... I bet you do too! Head over to to set up your plan today.

As my son gets older, I start to realize that the years are passing quicker than I could have ever imagined (Isn't that what old people always said when we were young???)  My son will be 11 in a week, and I remember when we started talking about Florida Prepaid. My son was two... and it seems like yesterday. We had just sold our home and had a really great return on it. I convinced my ex-husband to use some of that money to pay for a Florida Prepaid.

I am thankful we did, but we are not done. This year, the Dormitory Plan is now sold in one-year increments. What a great time to add this feature! Even though my son has promised to live with me forever (Oh you have to love the innocence of a child... lol) I recognize that he will actually want to leave home to go to college. How great it will be that he will have this Dormitory Plan to help us with cost!

Yesterday was the beginning open enrollment for the Florida Prepaid. They now offer a university savings plan that starts at just $43 a month! The new 1-Year Florida University Plan lets you purchase up to four years at a State University, but
one year at a time! More affordable. Love that. This way, someone special in your life can also purchase a year for your child. I know that my parents would have been all over this!

If families didn’t previously believe they could
afford to start saving, now they CAN.

Head over to to set up your plan today. And if you need help making a decision, you can check out their Plan prices calculator:

And last but not least....
Myth: Florida Prepaid can only be used at in-state public institution.
Truth: The value of plans can be applied to out of state institutions and private colleges.

Myth: A child has to use their plan as soon as they graduate high school.
Truth: They actually have 10 years from high school graduation to use it.

Myth: If a child doesn’t go to college, families lose the money they put into their plan.
Truth: Families can transfer a plan to another child/family member or get a full refund of the money they paid in.

So what are you waiting for.... Head over to and get started!

P.S. Where do you hope your son will go for college?
Me? Well, I am just hoping he doesn't go too far away from the nest :) Mama needs her baby boy around forever!


Almost 9,000 lbs lost, Reebok #Giveaway, and Polar Loop Giveaway

Want to win a pair of CrossFit Nano 4.0 shoes? How about a Polar Loop?  Read on to see how you can.
Don't we all want this? Let's do it!

Over the last year, I have been hosting DietBets. The participants and I have lost almost 9,000 lbs this last year. Can you believe that??? 9,000 lbs!!! Wow!

My newest DietBet starts this week. You can begin weighing in now, and the bet begins tomorrow, but you have the next two weeks to join us.  One winner will receive a Polar Loop activity tracker.  All of the winners will split the pot. Tell your friends. Right now there are only 6 people signed up for the bet so your odds are really good! Head over to right now to get signed up.  This is the first of 3 months of DietBet that I am doing to get myself in gear! If you want to lose weight, you want to join this bet!!! Your weight is private. None of the participants nor I will know your weight. 

I am also giving away a pair of CrossFit Reebok Nano 4.0.  These shoes are great for CrossFit, but they are great for weight training as well.  I love mine. You can read my review here: 
Are you drooling yet!!!

Now's your chance. Enter below!

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Tell me if you have ever joined a DietBet? Would you? Why or why not?


Confession: Wow, am I a fat a**!

"Gosh, I am fat!" "OMG, why does my face look so fat in pictures?" "Wow, I am a fat ass!" "Ugh... I think it's the mirror" "Oh that picture makes me look fat!"  These are all things that I saw to myself on a daily basis. I call myself fat over and over again all day. It sucks, but you want to know what hurts so much more? It hurts to hear other people agree with me. And it hurts to know that it isn't the picture that makes me look fat, it's the fat that makes me look fat! Does anyone get really upset being called fat, and then continue eating something unhealthy... guilty!

For the majority of my life, I was not fat. I said I was fat when my pants didn't fit right or there was a little tiny roll over my bikini. I called myself fat all the time.  And I didn't feel it really... I didn't mean it really... I was one of those girls who said it to be reassured I wasn't.
Well, now I get reassured that I am. UGH! It sucks! I know that the majority of people in my life don't think my weight gain came on suddenly, but I do.  It seems that one day I started seeing pictures of a girl that I didn't recognize. I was in denial. I also made excuses (oh I am having health problems) Well, now my health is clear from the problems I was having but now I have replaced those problems with new ones. I gained weight over the last year. I don't recognize myself in the mirror or in pictures.

Well, there are two choices: Live with it or Fix it!
On Monday, I joined the YMCA and Weight Watchers.  I used to think that I was an athlete and I didn't need Weight Watchers because that was for people who don't know how to eat right. I have finally realized that I don't know how to eat right. I have a problem with food. I need to fix it. I need to feel good about myself.  I hope that these two choices will help me get to my goal. I want to lose 30 lbs in the next few months. Numbers are just numbers, so I just want to lose... if I don't get to 30, I will survive.  But the numbers will go down!!!

This is Kate! She kicked butt at DietBet!

If you would like to join me on this journey, join my DietBet here:  We are betting a small amount of money to split the pot with other winners, but really to get healthy! You can read all about the DietBet here:

What is your advice for living a healthy lifestyle?


Lose Weight and Win a Polar Loop! #Dietbet #Rethinkyourday

Disclosure: DietBet is compensating me for this bet and Polar has given me the Polar Loop to use as a prize.

DietBet Begins September 15th! Join me! 

The time is NOW! No more excuses and no more health issues! It's time to get serious. If you are anything like me, you have said these things over and over again to yourself.  Then you find every excuse in the world to make bad and unhealthy choices. Then you kick yourself later for it. 
It sucks! 

Let's work together to get rid of this weight for good... forever! 

DietBet has approached me about hosting another DietBet on September 15th.  I have done these before and they work.  It's a chance to bet on yourself. I know that I can lose weight so I am betting $25 that I will! 

Here's how it works:
Everyone who joins pays $25. We will have to lose 4% of our body weight in a month. When we win, we will split the pot with the other winners in our bet. I usually win and when I do, I get my money back, along with some extra (a lot of times my money was doubled.)  DietBet is very good about ensuring people aren't cheating too.  Don't worry! 
This is Kate. She joined her first DietBet with me. She did it! She is still looking fabulous too! She is a good friend of mine! 

It's so easy! I will be using to help track my eating.  I have found that if I don't track it, I won't eat right.  Please feel free to join me there.  
I am honest and real. When I cheat, you will know it.  I have EVERY reason not to cheat though. I am ready to be "me" again. 

You can read more about DietBet here: How it works or DietBet: A successful weight loss helper  

There are so many reasons to join, but you should also join so you have a chance to win a Polar Loop Activity Tracker.

Here is my review of the Polar Loop on and I stand behind it completely! 
I did a lot of research on this product before I got it. I previously had a different activity tracker. The Polar LOOP does so much more than any of the other products I researched. Once it arrived, it didn't disappoint. I am impressed by the simplicity of the syncing. It displays a graph of how long I slept, how long I was active and even how long I sat.
I love that I can press the button to see how many steps I have taken, how many calories I have burned and my activity level. It also displays the time which is a great feature and very different from other trackers.
My burn increases. I do wear a FT60 so I plan on wearing them both together to compare data. But even without the H7 it is easy-
Determining the Loop size was so simple. I was a little nervous about setting it up, but there was no issue.
I am a teacher and all of my students think it looks super cool as well.
The Loop would be a great gift for anyone who wants to be more active or is already active. Polar is such a great company with THE best customer service!

Give me your BEST weight loss tip! We need all the advice that we can get. If you would like to be featured on my blog with your success story, please email


Back at it and Ready to feel Good in my @Reebok #Nano4 shoes!

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

Things for me are finally getting back to normal. My health has improved after a hysterectomy and then a case of shingles... Truly, I have been struggling since October with health related issues. I have gained close to 25 lbs. since this time last year. I realize that I am in a vicious cycle here. I have health issues that are flaring up because I am unhealthy... My lifestyle has needs to change... It is time to fix this.

I love CrossFit and have missed doing it regularly. I haven't found a box near me yet since I have moved, but I have started doing WODs on my own. I was lucky enough to be chosen to review Reebok's brand new Nanos, the Nano 4.0s. And working out in cute shoes that make your feet feel good, is the only way to work out! I couldn't wait to lace up and do some WODs. Check the Nano  4.0 out here: Reebok Nano 4.0

What makes these shoes better than the rest! 

A year or so ago when I was doing CrossFit at CrossFit BlackBeard in St. Pete, I decided to spend the money and get some Nanos.  Reebok specializes in CrossFit and it's so much better to workout in shoes made for CrossFit, rather than trying to workout in running shoes.  Running shoes have their purpose, but for effective CrossFit training, you really need specialized shoes. To have the best form in squats, dead lifts, cleans, etc, you have to have your feet flat on the ground and distribute your weight.  These shoes allow for the best form. Check out the video below from Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. She is unbelievable! Yes, I want that kind of strength!

Why do you need Nano 4.0? What makes them better than 3.0?
1. They are more breathable. The mesh was changed for better air flow during workouts.
2. The shoe itself is lighter.
3.  They are more flexible!

Since I don't have a box, I have to come up with my own WODs.  How do I do this? Well, there are tons of websites out there that offer WODs, but I try to come up with my own as well. I am not a personal trainer, but I have come to realize that if there is a workout that hurts, it works! (by hurt, I mean good pain, not injury pain.) Burpees are the biggest culprit to "hurting" workouts! LOL so I try to add burpees to every WOD. These shoes make my feet feel great while I struggle to become stronger. If you find a shoe that allows for comfort and support, you have to tell the world! So here goes: I love these shoes. I have the Nano 2.0 and 3.0 and these are the best fit yet. Thank you Reebok for working so hard to make the right improvements every time! 

If you haven't tried CrossFit, you need to. It's not just for muscle, body building people, it's for everyone. Nothing I have ever done makes me feel stronger and more complete! It's really the best! And it's a whole lot of fun to watch the CrossFit Games too! Who doesn't love Rich Froning!!! He is the fittest man on earth! 

My WOD today was:
10 "muscle rope" jump ropes
Run up and down the stairs 2x
10 burpees

What is your workout today? I would love some more ideas!


#Giveaway and Review of #Reebok Z Goddess Running Shoes

I have just gotten back into working out since my latest health issue that has kept me away from the gym for months. Getting the motivation and excitement back is tough. I need the fire back, and right now, it's definitely a struggle.

Nothing helps that struggle more than some great looking and feeling running gear. Reebok just sent me some awesome running shoes to try out. These shoes are awesome. They are the Reebok Z Goddess shoes.

If there is one thing right now that I need, it is motivation. Well these shoes give it to me. I love how cute I feel in them, and then well the rest is just added bonus!

First of all, I love the color! So hot! And then there is the fact that they feel great! I have foot issues right away with shoes and it takes a while to break them in. Not these shoes! I loved them from the first step on the treadmill. They make me feel like I am gliding when I run or walk.

Whether you are running, walking or working on your feet all day, these shoes will feel great! You need to try them. If you want to win them, see below for a giveaway!

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Skora Running Shoes... Even better! Review and Giveaway!

A few months ago I did a review and giveaway on Skora Running shoes. You can read about it Here!
I really love my Skora Running shoes, but I didn't like running with them on concrete as much as running on a treadmill or grass. When I was discussing this with other runners and my contact at Skora, it was brought to my attention that Skora had created the Skora Fit Shoe. This shoe has more padding and is geared toward someone who wants minimal but needs more from their shoe... that is me. Skora Running shoes are definitely minimal, but my feet can't handle completely minimal. The Skora Fit Shoe is amazing.  
The website describes the following: "Crafted on our anatomical REALFIT last from a seamless piece of stretch airmesh, FIT provides an unparalleled level of comfort with support and 
stretch provided where you need it most."
"Coolest shoes ever!" -a fifth grader 

These may be my favorite shoes yet! You have to try them. They are also very cool looking. One of my 5th grade students told me that they were "the coolest shoes ever" and they looked like "space running shoes!"  I love it! And  I agree. The look is amazing! 

While I am not cleared to run yet, I have gone on some walks with them and I love them. They are supportive and make my feet feel great! You need to try them, or hey try to win them. Check out the giveaway below.
Copper wishes they had some his size too!

Right now they are offering a site-wide semi-annual sale of 25% off.  What a deal! Skora Running shoes are only sold through their website. Tell them Mindy's Fitness Journey sent you!!! And when you refer a friend, you will get $15!!!! 

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