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Instagram Challenge for December!!! 
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Bulu Box:  Each Box is a Healthy Discovery!!!
Stuff your stocking all year long!
I was on a twitter chat one night when I started chatting with Stephanie from Bulu Box. We were discussing supplements and energy. She started telling me about Bulu Box and how great it is to get a box full of sample vitamins and supplements to try. Here is a video on how it works. How it works!

Order your box today!
When my box arrived, I was really excited to see all of the great products that I have had the pleasure of hearing about through being a blogger. I was most excited about the full size bag of FRS Healthy Energy Chews that retails for $19.49 a bag. Each box comes with 4-5 premium samples and it's $10 a month. 

Bulu Box has offered to give away 3 boxes to my readers!!! 3!!! Wow! So, here you go!

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Instagram Challenge, My Giveaway, and Kevin the Elf on the Shelf

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You can enter at Giveaway link: click me

Instagram Challenge for December 
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Some of the coolest bloggers I know and I have been working on something really fun for the month of December. After doing a fun Instagram challenge in October, we decided that we need to come up with our own fun for the holidays. I hope you will join us in the fun! It's a great time to show off the fun things that you do in December. There is nothing I like more than stalking getting to know my friends and followers via Instagram. Let me know if you are considering joining us for the challenge in the comments! (Mom, you can do this from your iPad. I will help you!)

A big shout out to my blogging buddies and especially Abby from Back at Square Zero (IG: Backatsquare0)
Rebecca from Rebecca Roams (IG: RebeccaRoams)
Kat from Sneakers and Fingerpaints (IG: katsnf)
Mindy from Mindy’s Fitness Journey (IG: mindyartze)
Kate from Run With Kate (IG: runwithkate)
Sarah from Mom Running On Empty (IG: momonempty)
Mindy at Road Runner Girl (IG: roadrunnergirl)
Gina at Noshing on Asphalt (IG:AsphaltNosher)

These ladies keep me on my toes and push me to be better daily! Love you girls! #photoadaymafia #holidayaday

Last but not least...
Before bed tonight, my son was caught reading a book to his elf... So precious!!! This is what it is all about for me. He loves Kevin so very much!

Where is Kevin today??? I know you are all wondering about our sweet little elf... Well he has been spotted by me but not by Bryce yet.


Elf on the Shelf extraordinaire and Polar Shirt Giveaway!

Do you have an elf on the shelf?

Before I tell you about our Elf, I want to remind you of our giveaway right now!!! 
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We woke up and Kevin had Abominable 
We got home from school and the tables were turned!

Okay, Who has an elf on the shelf?  We got ours 2 years ago! I am happy to say that Kevin has returned this year. The above picture is of Kevin today in our tree. He brought an ornament with his name on it for our tree. He has done some fun things over the last couple of years and I thought I would share those things with you.  Maybe it will give your elf some ideas... Just a thought.
My son wrote a letter to Santa and asked if he could bring Kevin our Elf to see Santa.  Santa agreed, and the next morning, Kevin was in shoe box tell us that it would be okay for Bryce to hold him ONLY in Santa's presence. My son didn't care about seeing Santa. The glow in his eyes came from holding his best friend Kevin for the  first time!

Kevin used my cell phone to take a picture of him and Scooter  sleeping!

Kevin was playing a football game with my son's football figurines. Kevin sacked Aaron Rodgers.
I am pretty sure there was a discount double check in there!

Kevin drew faces on all of our picture frames!

I will share more of his antics! Stay tuned! And don't forget to enter my giveaway!


Huge Vitacost Sale and Polar Giveaway

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Who wants to get great wellness products on sale!!!
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I just recently learned about an awesome company called VITACOST from a fellow blogger at Sports bras and sippycups. It is THE way to go to get all of your wellness products and lots more. As a single mom, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for companies that deliver right to your doorstep. Even better than that is a company like Vitacost that has everything I need discounted! When I spend $49. or more shipping is free!!! What great news right???

There is so much to see! It's not just vitamins, it is everything! I had no idea what this site had to offer. It is truly a one stop shop! It has beauty, health and fitness, diet, supplements, pet products, household cleaning products and so much more! Check it out! 

To go to the cite click: VITACOST

With, you don't have to choose between stores that sell products you don't really want at super-low prices, and stores that sell the better health and wellness products you want at crazy-high prices. We offer over 2,000 of the top, most-trusted natural brands, diet foods and healthy living essentials-the very best nutritional supplements, whole foods and sports nutrition-at discount prices, up to 50% off. And we'll deliver them right to your door for FREE if your order totals $49 or more. Otherwise, shipping is just a small, flat-rate fee of $4.99, no matter how big the box.

These are my opinions. I have not been compensated for this. 


Please Pause My Polar Giveaway and Run Streak!

Giveaway!!!! Awesome Polar Shirt! Limited Edition!

I wore this shirt to the Women's Half Marathon Expo and
everyone wanted one! Win yours here!!!
In August I was given the opportunity to become a Polar Ambassador. What this means is that Polar has asked me to help others understand what Polar stands for and how to use their products. It also means that I get to share my love of Polar, officially with all of you. The reason I was noticed by Polar was the cover photo I created for my Facebook page Mindy's Fitness Journey. I was asked by Polar USA if they could use the saying for a t shirt. Polar made about a handful of shirts and gave me 2 to give away. I have one left. It is a women's large. It's GIVEAWAY time! The giveaway ends at 11:59 on Dec. 1.

How to win: 
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Runner's Streak!!!

Join me for the Runner's World Run Streak. Run one mile a day every single day til Christmas. I am going to wear clothes, lol! I hope Santa does too : ) Comment below and let me know if you will join me!


Women's Half Marathon: I Survived!

I Survived the Women's Half Marathon!

For the last six months, I have been training to become a half marathoner. I have had an injury. I have had PRs. I have had slow days. I have had great runs. And I have had really bad runs. 

I never would have considered myself a runner. I actually never thought I would become one or have any desire to become one. The reason I signed up to do this half marathon was because of a good friend of mine named Jess. Jess was doing the Rock n Roll half marathon last year, and I jokingly said to her, "Hey, by the end of the year I will be doing one!"  I don't think I really meant it, but when registration opened, Jess called me to remind me!  (By the way, Thank you Jess! I am so proud for doing it!)

Fast forward 6 months... I am an Ambassador of Health for the Women's Half Marathon, and  I am running in it! WHAT!!! That is crazy! In the process of all of that, I became an ambassador to Polar, Fitfluential, Sweat Pink and Girls Gone Sporty. Crazy right?? Polar has even sent me a racing jersey and I am officially on the Polar team! 
I picked up my race packet at the expo on Friday. I was so nervous. It all seemed so absurd. When I looked at my bib, tears filled my eyes. I had really done this. I had gotten here. It was real. I had goosebumps.
On Sunday, race day, it was surreal. I felt almost detached from my feelings. I didn't really know why. I had expected to feel more emotions, but it was just calm. The race started and I just ran. I was doing pretty well til I got to mile 7. I had already run through Snell Isle and was headed toward the Pier. I was actually on the same trail that I usually run on my long runs. I suddenly got the worst foot cramp. I have never had one, and it sucked. I stopped to retie my shoes thinking that would help. This is when the "Mindy self-doubt" began. I began thinking things like, "What are you doing? You aren't a runner! You are in over your head!" There was some serious MEAN self-talk going on. I struggled for the next 2 miles or so. Both of my feet were cramping and it hurt to step. I was beginning to think that I would just walk when Irealized that I needed help.  Suddenly, I remembered that ALL things are possible through Christ! Philippians 4:13. So I asked God to help me. I asked him to stop the negative thoughts and take the pain in my feet away. I talked out loud to God. I told him why I was running. I asked for help. I knew I need Him!

I realized that I was capable of doing this. I didn't feel great and my pain didn't go away, but I did shut down the negative thoughts in my head for some time. I realized at mile 12 that I was truly almost there! As I turned the corner to the finish line,  I had tears. I realized that I had done this! That girl who was a pound away from 200 last January has run a half marathon!!! I wasn't fast and I was the last in my group of friends, but I did win! I beat the negative thoughts, and I proved something to anyone and everyone, especially myself!

I was so honored to be presented with my medal from a gentleman from our military. How humbling to be praised by someone who protects my freedom daily. This picture shows my excitement and more importantly, IT IS OVER!!! 

I am going to sign up for the Rock n Roll Half in February. I don't love running half marathons yet, but I know they are good for me, so I am not about to stop! I am looking forward to focusing more on my weight loss and less on the running training.


No time? Need a quick fix?

Want the Answer to Your Time Troubles???
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Ok, well I don't really have THE answer, but I have a great product for you to try! We have all had that situation where we didn't have time to get to the gym and then get to where we needed to go and have time to shower in between the two... Be honest! You have had to make due without a shower before... I know you weren't proud, but it happened.... Right?

ShowerPill is the newest and latest thing! It's the easiest way to keep yourself fresh and clean while you are on the go! It is not a pill, but it is just as easy as taking a pill. The packaging makes it easy to take with you anywhere and still be discrete.

Honestly, it was created by 3 football players, so you know it's tough, and it works. It's a large cloth that is thick and durable. I am certainly not suggesting that you stop showering, but there are definitely reasons why you can't sometimes. It's great if you do a run on your lunch break, or if you try to get a run in before your child's practice. I have used this product after 2 runs and before my son's football practice. My son actually told me that I smelled good. I think he thought I smelled better than normal! I have also used it on my son. He had a great deal of homework, and it was getting late. I told him to try it! He did shower in the morning, but I felt better about putting him to bed after he used the ShowerPill.

ShowerPill is offering YOU the opportunity to buy 2 boxes and get on FREE during a special Black Friday sale at Put three boxes in your cart and enter the code: SPFRIDAY to get this deal!  This deal is valid from 11/23-11/25 so don't delay!!!
This coupon is only valid from 11/23/12-11/25/12
Disclosure: I was given ShowerPill samples. I was not compensated. These opinions are my own.



What a difference a year makes!!!!

I was just making sure I had all of my supplies out and realized something! I had to vlog about it! 

I am sure tomorrow I will have a race recap for you!


I am only going to be HALF crazy!

First Half Marathon on Sunday!
Oh my gosh! My first half is finally almost here! I am dying! What if I am not prepared? What if I cannot do it? 

What if I don't have any of those worries? I am actually feeling pretty good about it. I know that I am not going to be fast, and I know that I will have to stop because I know that my achilles isn't perfect yet. 

So, I am just going to have fun! I cannot wait! I want to run the whole time, and I will try to :) But if I don't, the world won't end! I cannot wait. 

Can you believe that Polar (my favorite company in the world) sent me this racing shirt? I am a Polar Racer! WHAT !!! That is so flipping amazing! I cannot even believe this is real! Yay!!! Thank you Polar!
This one of those moments. I am definitely not where I want to be, but I am so much further than I ever thought I would be. At this time last year, I didn't run from anything but my problems!  And  I do like who I am becoming! The girl I was from last year would be so proud! I am running a half marathon on Sunday! I am going to toot my own horn today!!!


Family pride and Chickband winners announced!!!

My Brother, Brett Hayford, is the Head Coach of the Davidson Wildcats Football Team!
I am not sure that I could be prouder of my brother and his hard work. He has been coaching at Davidson College for 20 years. Last week, he got asked to be the Interim Head Coach! The amount of fun it was to watch, read play by play, and hear about my brother's first win on Saturday is inexplicable! And of course, he had to keep us all in suspense and win it in overtime! Way to go, Bro and Cats! Bryce and I love you so much! We are so proud of you! Always remember, no matter how much you want to be successful, and no matter how much we want you to be successful, what ever happens, remember, I love you, I love you! You have Paid the Price! It is time to enjoy the ride! 
Go Cats!!!

CHICKBAND WINNERS HAVE BEEN EMAILED!!! Let me know ASAP that you are claiming your prize!


Giveaway and Great deal for Endurance Runners!

9 more day til my 1st 1/2~

Don't Delay! 

Chickbands giveaway 

ends soon! 

Are you looking for the perfect nutrition fuel for your endurance training?
You should try Kona Kase!

I was recently approached by Kona Kase, and they asked if I would like to try a box. Well, honestly I had never heard of it. I think I was approached because I was tweeting about trying to find the right fuel for my long runs. I am training for The Lady's Speedstick Women's Half marathon in 9 days!!! (Holy cow, 9 days!!! Yikes!!!)

Anyway, I had never heard of it. Kona Kase. It is a brand new company that allows month subscribers to receive 8-10 endurance nutrition samples for just $15 a month. For the next 3 days, Kona Kase is offering 50% off your first Kase (ships on Nov. 15)  Type in the code: KKNOV  The box varies from month to month allowing for a chance to try a wide variety of products. You can see if the products work, and even better, you can taste them without having to commit to purchasing and possibly wasting a money.

I was really impressed with what was in the package. If I were to buy these individually, I would have spent a lot more money. And I love the chance to try new things. I tried the Sharkies for my run on Sunday.  They were pretty good. I ate half the bag before my run and finished it during the run. It was great! I felt good!

It costs $15 a month. It seems to me that if you are an endurance athlete, this would be a great thing for you. It will help you find your perfect nutrition. It will also let you try new things so that you don't get stuck in a rut with the same old stuff. You can cancel your Kona Kase anytime with no penalty. This is perfect for anyone who likes getting packages and is willing to spend $15 a month! 

Disclaimer: I received Kona Kase free of charge. The opinions stated here are entirely my own. 


Time for some serious weight loss!!!

Drinking my shake this morning after my 10 mile run! Yum!
Losing Weight with Muscle Gauge

I am not one who believes in drinking shakes rather than eating, but when I heard about Muscle Gauge Lean, I decided to give it a try.

I was very excited when I received the box in the mail! I decided that replacing breakfast and lunch with a shake would be the best for me. Then I will have a sensible dinner. I just began day one with Muscle Gauge Nutrition Lean today.

I cannot tell you if it works yet because I don't know. What I can tell you is that  I was not hungry today after I drank my morning shake. I had that shake right after a 10 mile run too. I didn't think it would satisfy me, but it did.

I think the thing that shocked me the most was the taste! I mixed it with water today because I didn't have any skim milk, and it was delish! Truly, it was! I was so surprised!!!

With 23 gm of protein, it's a gluten free and low calorie way to get a jump start on a healthy diet. For me, I have a hard time finding time to meal prep lunches for work. This is a great alternative to that. I also struggle with making myself eat breakfast.  It's really great for someone who is on the go!

They have 2 flavors. I chose Vanilla Creme, but they also have fudge brownie.

I will keep in touch with how it's going. I look forward to seeing the difference! And I look forward to no longer falling victim to my busy schedule! Day one has been great!

I received this product free from Muscle Gauge, however, the opinions about this are my own.

New Shoes!!! And they are purple!
I have never tried Brooks Running, but I am so excited because I hear great things!!!

                    Chickbands Giveaway!!!! 


November Goals! And Chickbands giveaway!

November is the time to Kick it into gear!

So it seems like every month for the past few months, I am telling myself, "Okay this is the month!" And the month comes and goes, I don't make the changes I want... so November is going to be more formal with goal setting... And in December, we will see how I did!

This month I plan do focus on blogging, eating, running, and being more organized in my classroom. 

  1. Blog/Branding: New blog brand image has been created, but now it is time to use it! I also need to blog more often. I would like to blog at least 3 times a week. I would like to vlog once a week at least.
  2. Food: It is time to start writing down what I eat. I plan to use I will put in what I eat even if I cheat. No skipping writing down the day because of one bad meal. This is something I typically do because I just don't want to see it. 
  3. Running: This is my month to prove I am a runner. My very first half marathon is the Lady's Speedstick Women's Half Marathon. I am going to run 10 miles tomorrow and try for 12 next Sunday with at least 3 runs during the week for about 3-5 miles. I will keep track with my Nike + phone app (which I LOVE!)
  4. Work: I plan to get papers back to kids quicker and to stay late to ensure that my classroom stays organized.
What are your goals for November?? Share them with me! Maybe you can motivate me or someone else to try something new! Comment below!

Chickbands Giveaway!

Since I first started working out in January, I have been looking for a headband to hold my whispy fly-away hairs in place. I got lucky early on and found Chickbands. Their facebook page says, "Running, , spinning, body pump or chasing after your kids... these headbands will not slip! Each headband is backed with velvet which will keep it in place no matter what you are doing!"

And I will attest to that! I have THE worst issue with headbands, and this one stays on my head. It doesn't fly off and hit other people either (seriously, that did happen once with one of those elastic headbands) I can tell you that these are made with soft velvet and quality ribbon. I love them because you can choose your ribbon and make it something special to you. I have a Tampa Bay Rays one that I bought about 6 months ago, and I also now have one that was given to me to review and do this giveaway!