Getting into healthy eating #Atkins

No more beating myself up about it! The time is now!

Over the last few months, I have been trying to get myself back on track. I struggle with eating my emotions. I can have a great day and then right before bed, I blow it... I "reward" myself by eating something NOT healthy. My go-to foods are usually carbs... any kind of carbs. When Fitfluential chose me to try the Atkins program, I had to agree. I know that bad carbs are my enemy, and what I am doing is not working. Not only is it not working for me to lose weight, but recent blood work showed that my good cholesterol is low. The doctor told me that the way to fix that is to eat more protein and less carbs... so here I am.

What is the Atkins diet?
· The Atkins Diet is designed to flip the body's metabolic switch from burning carbs to burning fat. This is achieved by optimal protein intake, adequate healthy fat intake, and low carbohydrate consumption. As a result, hunger and cravings are reduced more quickly with a low carb approach than with a low calorie/ high carb diet.
So, here we go! I am ready to begin. I look forward to seeing what the results will bring. I deserve to feel better and feel better about myself.

What do you know about the Atkins diet? Have you ever tried it?
I will be trying the Atkins diet over the next few months, and I will be trying their protein shakes and snack bars. I will even try a week on a diet (maybe more) prepared by the lead Atkins dietician. Follow along to see how it works! I am really excited and committed to this program.

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Make Sure Your Child Goes to College

Blog disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Florida Prepaid College Board, through my role as a 
Believer Blogger. All thoughts are my own.


Hey Mom and Dad friends... Have you started saving for your child's college education? Florida Prepaid’s most popular Prepaid Plans have been drastically reduced! Plus, the $50 application fee will be waived until December 31! This is a great investment! Check out all the plan options. I know that like me, you all recognize that your child HAS to go to college. Check out this graphic... Yikes! Times they are a-changing... College is WAY too important to miss. I want my son to have the best chance... I bet you do too! Head over to to set up your plan today.

As my son gets older, I start to realize that the years are passing quicker than I could have ever imagined (Isn't that what old people always said when we were young???)  My son will be 11 in a week, and I remember when we started talking about Florida Prepaid. My son was two... and it seems like yesterday. We had just sold our home and had a really great return on it. I convinced my ex-husband to use some of that money to pay for a Florida Prepaid.

I am thankful we did, but we are not done. This year, the Dormitory Plan is now sold in one-year increments. What a great time to add this feature! Even though my son has promised to live with me forever (Oh you have to love the innocence of a child... lol) I recognize that he will actually want to leave home to go to college. How great it will be that he will have this Dormitory Plan to help us with cost!

Yesterday was the beginning open enrollment for the Florida Prepaid. They now offer a university savings plan that starts at just $43 a month! The new 1-Year Florida University Plan lets you purchase up to four years at a State University, but
one year at a time! More affordable. Love that. This way, someone special in your life can also purchase a year for your child. I know that my parents would have been all over this!

If families didn’t previously believe they could
afford to start saving, now they CAN.

Head over to to set up your plan today. And if you need help making a decision, you can check out their Plan prices calculator:

And last but not least....
Myth: Florida Prepaid can only be used at in-state public institution.
Truth: The value of plans can be applied to out of state institutions and private colleges.

Myth: A child has to use their plan as soon as they graduate high school.
Truth: They actually have 10 years from high school graduation to use it.

Myth: If a child doesn’t go to college, families lose the money they put into their plan.
Truth: Families can transfer a plan to another child/family member or get a full refund of the money they paid in.

So what are you waiting for.... Head over to and get started!

P.S. Where do you hope your son will go for college?
Me? Well, I am just hoping he doesn't go too far away from the nest :) Mama needs her baby boy around forever!