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Lovin' my #Koss Headphones: on sale now

Disclosure: This Koss product feature is sponsored by FitFluential LLC. I personally use these items and all opinions are my own.
Headphones for me are like shoes. I can never have enough. I love my 2 pairs of Koss headphones. One is in my gym bag and the other is in my car. Right now, Koss is running a special promotion on their headphones at Walgreens. In December I wrote a post about "A Few of my Favorite Things" and Koss Headphones were on the list. You can read about it here: A Few of my Favorite Things
Well, now you can get them for $19.99. They are on sale at Walgreens right now. These headphones are perfect for women because they are created by and designed for women. This is a great deal! It's only for a limited time, so head over to Walgreens and grab a pair or two!


Meet @FitNix5: Christie

You all have to meet this amazing lady! She is one of the kindest and most caring women I have met through my blogging. Christie is beautiful on the inside and out. You need to see how hard she has been working lately too. She just had a baby a little over 6 months ago. AMAZING!!
Name: Christie Nix

State: Currently in Georgia and moving to TN, Army Family.

When and why did you start working out?
I have always been active; I started as a soccer player when I was 6 and that paved my way to be a scholarship soccer athlete in college. It wasn’t until after my first two children that I developed a lifestyle in fitness, physical and mental. Training not only for aesthetic purposes but also for LIFE PURPOSES!!!
What is your workout of choice?  
I get to the gym and lift 5 days a week (on a good week). I do however love ALL TYPES of training! Cross-Fit, Running, Conditioning, my kind of fun and I find lots of ways to incorporate them into my daily lifting routine.
What is your favorite race, race distance, and WOD?
Look at that back! OMG!
Haha, well I’ve only done a 10K and was signed up to do a Warrior Dash with my husband but he ended up having a knee surgery just before. I would imagine the mud races would be my favorite, a good mix of endurance and strength.
What is your most favorite piece of workout gear?
Well my workout gear is now the only thing I ask for on Mothers Day, Birthdays, Christmas, etc. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Lately I have loved wearing my Gorgo Women’s Fitness Magazine Tank, I love everything that magazine stands for. When I wear my tank its like I am taking so many empowered women to the gym with me. Seeing that reflection in the mirror at the gym gives me an attitude, confidence, a sense of strength, I become Gorgo!! Maybe it has super powers, really it just might!!
Do you follow any diet or take any specific supplements that complement your workouts?
I try to eat clean whole foods as much as possible focusing on my protein portions first, filling in with complex carbs and healthy fats. When I want to tighten the reigns on my diet I use myfitnesspal to see how I am doing, where I need to make adjustments, etc. Since my last pregnancy and while I am breastfeeding the only supplement I use is protein powder. I take a great vitamin and antioxidant, as well as Fish Oil.
What is your favorite cheat food?
HA! What’s not my favorite? I love food so when I first started to change my eating habits I missed it all. I will admit that the longer I stay away from fast foods and sweets the less I think about or crave them.  
BUT….I love french fries and chocolate chip cookies, to name a few.
What advice would you give someone just starting out?
Make small changes slowly, once that change sticks and becomes routine, make another. Eventually all those small changes add up and you have made for yourself a new fitness lifestyle.  Start with exercising 3 times a week, then drinking more water, cutting out processed foods, exercising 5 times a week, etc, etc, etc, There are so many resources to help anyone get started but I love the book Eli Sapharti Fat Boy Fit Man  and his one step at a time approach and success story!
What is your best workout memory?
There are so many, from training with some of my best fit friends (Val and Jennie) to hitting my first dead lift PR and mastering pull-ups.
What is your biggest “FIT BUCKET LIST” item?
Most recently it is to get back into amazing shape after my third baby and have a professional photo shoot! After that there will be another bucket list or goal, and another. I love the idea of always progressing, striving for more but being content in the now!!!

Tell us something that not many people know about you?
My brother and I have the same birthday but are two years apart, that was pretty awesome growing up and made for EPIC parties.

We can connect with you:
Twitter: @FitNix5
Pinterest: @FitNix
Instagram: @fitnix5
Go on over and check out Christie! She is amazing!