Prepare to fight Goliath! #MadetoCrave Day 2

This isn't just a fight for me.  It feels like a battle... a war! And I have, so far, just been sitting off to the side watching the enemy take over. The saddest part of all of this is that the enemy isn't just helping me stay over weight, he is affecting other parts of my life too. No more! I am a Godly woman who is taking back my life!

I was always very athletic and healthy when I was younger.  I would say that it's been the last 12 years that I have been carrying around the "fat suit."  It's weird because I forget my size until I see a photo or get a glimpse in the mirror. And I will not lie, this weight has beaten me down.
I am no weight loss expert. I am reading Made to Crave and focusing on glorifying God in all that I do.  It's that simple. I am not trying to write a book or start a weight loss program.  Just talking about my struggles and hoping to connect with like-minded people who want to discuss!

This weight has allowed for some ugly voices in my head to tell me my worth is wrapped up in a number.  Yikes! I don't like that and don't want that anymore.

In her book, Made to Crave, Lysa TerKeurst says she told herself this over and over again.  I am going to hang it up right by my scale.  I need to remember it. "I am a Jesus girl who can step on the scale and see the numbers as an indication of how much my body weighs-not an indication of my worth."  Ok that preaches right there!!!  How many of us look to that scale for validation.  Or look at it with hate... I know I do.  I hate that stupid scale.   First step today: Weigh myself.  Y'all, seriously that sucked! It was a number I am not proud of and am not feeling led to share it with you, lol... and you don't have to share yours with me either! Ha!

So if I look at the scale in a different way, that is definitely the first step.  Second step for me is tracking my food.  Listen, I am not about to be sharing my food diary with anyone just yet, but I am ready to be accountable to me.  Tomorrow, I food journal. Can you do it too? I will be on the my fitness pal app. Search me and let's encourage each other!
You can follow me on or on the app.

What was your first step today? What did you do to start or continue on this journey?


Why does it have to be so hard!!! #MadeToCrave Day 1

Seriously! Why? It wasn't always this hard... why now?
Have you ever asked any of those questions? I am really struggling with this. I need to get healthy and I have the urge to, but I am missing one big thing.... I am missing my WANT to.  The WANT to comes with really hard choices that don't pack a lot of fun. I mean, I know I need to, but ugh... it's too hard!

No makeup and short hair, yikes! 
I will confess it now... I am tired of saying, when I lose weight I will do this or that... oh I am not going to get a headshot done til I lose weight, I am not going to cut my hair til I lose weight, I am not going to put myself out there to meet someone special til I lose weight.... All of the things that have to wait until I lose weight to do.... That is dumb! That means I am waiting to live UNTIL I LOSE WEIGHT????  Well that is pretty sad.  This should be the motivation to get started!

So today, I cut my hair! Yup! Chopped! I cut off about 9 inches! It's a short bob now and well, it doesn't make my face look thinner but my hair does look much healthier than it did.  But now, I can't hide under all of that hair.  You can see my face... it's too, um, uh, full.... So this should be the motivation to get started too!

I just finished the book, Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst.  If you all don't know of Lysa Terkeurst, you need to check her out. I have read a number of her books and she is incredible! She also founded Proverbs 31.  In this book, she talks about craving God more than you crave anything else.  Wow! I love my time with God and I want to glorify Him in everything I do.  Hmmm... am I doing that with my self care? So this should be the motivation to get start too!

Well, tomorrow is the day! I am starting Day 1 of Made to Crave Devotional: 60 Days to Craving God, Not Food. 

So, I am asking the Lord tonight to Unsettle Me! I don't want to keep living the way I am living. I want to be a healthy, Godly woman who takes care of the body that she was given so that she can live a long and happy life, LIVING, rather than watching from the sidelines!

Would you like to join me? I am considering starting a Made to Crave group.  Let me know in the comments if you want to join me.


Back to the Drawing Board #FWTFL

I am here now and that's all that matters!
Well, it's been too long since my last blog.  Unfortunately, that means that I haven't had much to talk about in the health and fitness world.  I am not sure how it's gotten away from me, but it has. 

Rather than beating myself up about it, I am going to forgive myself and move on.  Thank you all for joining me on this new endeavor... the road to healthy living!

I have tried so many different weight loss plans over the years and failed.  I am the queen of verbal abuse to myself and comforting myself with food.  NO MORE! Not happening anymore!

I have been reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. You read more about it HERE: Atomic Habits on Amazon. He talks about how negative thoughts produce more negative thoughts and that we can have big goals, but that can cause disappointment.  The better plan is to change by 1%. Just be 1% better and then celebrate the victories! I love it.  I have always said, "I want to lose 50 lbs (or whatever)"  And then when I didn't lose it in 30 days, I would feel frustrated and want to quit.  NO MORE! I want to make small changes and see the difference.

I have decided to do the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® program. This program was created Amanda Tress and I have see HUGE changes in lives! Not just weight loss, rather in overall health. It's all about creating healthy habits.

This program begins on Monday. I am excited to get it going. I will be documenting this 6 week program here. My coach is Jordan Rothwell and she has made huge changes and looks incredible.  She feels great too!

You can learn more about it here. FASTer Way to Fat Loss  Today I am still working on understanding the program. I am very excited. It is a plan that I feel I can get on board easily! It makes complete sense too.  I have already started fasting. We do an intermittent fast daily.  I will be fasting every day from 7pm til 11 am.  This allows for the body to burn fat.  I am excited about it.  I have done it this week and believe it or not, it isn't that hard.  When I really wanted to eat something the other night, I just went to bed.  LOL... worked perfectly!

I cannot wait to get started and I will be sharing the journey! Have you ever heard about this program? Do you know anything about it?