The Universe Knows! #Inspirationwear

I had never heard of The Universe Knows until a few of my blogging friends started posting adorable pictures on instagram of their coffee mugs, hoodies, and journals. I HAD to have one! My hoodie is my absolute favorite! I love the bright orange color and "Be the Change" is a great saying to go along with my life. I am trying to be the change in my career, my fitness and my blogging. It was like the Universe Knew :) And I kind of think it did.

I love everything about this company. The founder of this company, Ron Dinehart was an engineer for 13 years and one day, he decided to make a shirt with "The Universe Knows" imprinted on it. And with that, this company was formed!

This comes directly from their website, and it says it all...

the universe knows will be your support group. we will provide you with the encouragement you need to awaken your passion. we will not judge you. we will cheer you on to live your dreams. we will be your number one fan. for that, we ask only that you bring an open heart and a willingness to change. after all, you wouldn't already be here if you weren't ready.
so take the journey with us and be one of the souls to tell us how you did it. your message will help others to live their dreams. we will not stop until the whole universe is in tandem and every soul on earth is living it's dream. dare to dream. follow your heart. the rewards are worth the risk. this, the universe knows.

I am a big fan of a company who doesn't just want your money... they want to be a part of your journey. Well, this journey, Mindy's Fitness Journey, is glad to make them a part of my journey! I need all the support I can get! I am trying to figure out which hoodie I am going to buy next. They fit so nicely and wash up perfectly!  

The first time I wore my hoodie, I only wore it for a quick trip to Publix. While I was there for less than 30 minutes, 4 people asked me about my shirt. The first three times, I told them about The Universe Knows, but the fourth time, my son Bryce did the talking. Haha! It was actually pretty great! He is an awesome resource to me... and The Universe Knows. :) 
This is from the website The Universe Knows

Which hoodie would you choose and why? My next hoodie will be the teal blue with "Cherish the Journey" on it because this is the journey I have and I am in control!

Disclaimer: The Universe Knows provided product for me to review. All opinions are my own.


Workin' it Wednesday!

There is a lot going on these days... 
I need your help! My CrossFit Box, CrossFit Blackbeard is giving away a month free. This would be very helpful for me. Would you mind going to their facebook page and liking this picture of me and Bryce? The voting ends on Aug. 7th. Thank you.
Click this link to vote for me... Please!

The Mom Power Team shared a photo of me today. It makes me feel proud when I see it even though I am nowhere near where I need to be yet. I am working hard to change that though! Being a part of the Mom Power Team is pretty amazing. It's 20 strong, proud women supporting each other. 

Don't forget to sign up for my DietBet and share it with your friends! This is going to be a lot of fun. We are almost up $4000 in the pot. Plus you could also win a Polar Heart Rate Monitor!

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Giveaway Alert! Have you tried the Project E: Motion footwear line?

Can You Handle the Downsides of Being a Running Beast? 
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That's what Pearl Izumi wants to know.  

Have you tried the Project E: Motion footwear line? I have not but after watching this video, I think I may need to. 
It's actually a pretty funny video too :) 

They have created a running shoe that is not only light, but incredibly comfortable - actually propelling you forward with each step.  You can run faster with ease, but as the video jokes, there are some downsides of being a more efficient runner. 

Have you ever had to break up with a slower runner? Unfortunately I have not, but this made me laugh anyway!

Or worst of all, having to perform CPR on your dog who couldn't manage to keep up with your new, speedy pace.

The videos are exaggerated and fun but the new design is no joke. Get ready for the smoothest running experience. At least that what they say. 

The Project E:Motion line is a plush ride in a killer design - created to provide you with the smoothest running experience possible.  

Disclosure: Pearl Izumi has offer this giveaway prize for this post.

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Wig out for Hope! Miles for Hope...5K with Obstacles

Miles for HopeAs you know, I love running fun races with my little man, Bryce. When I heard about Miles For Hope and their wild and crazy wig out 5k event, I knew we were in! 
Who wants to join us on Saturday, August 24th, 2013 for a family-friendly day to include water slides, foam tanks, obstacle courses and lots of fun along the waterfront in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg. 

miles for hope
When I told Bryce we would have water slides and foam, he said we had to do it. And then you add in the fact that this is to help end brain tumors, you can't lose! 
Enjoy a day of fun with us in at South Straub Park. There will be entertainment, clowns and games for families to enjoy as well as food, and a beer garden for the adults. Stay after the event to dance, drink and have a great afternoon.

Register in advance online or mail in the registration form. Fees are 7/15 through 31; $65 - 8/1 through 8/11; $70 - 8/12 through 8/23 and $75 day of event.
On-site Registration opens at 6:30am. The event starts at 8:00am in 15 minute incremental waves of 150 runners. WAVE 1 IS THE ONLY TIMED, COMPETITIVE WAVE WITH AWARDS GIVEN FOR TOP 3 MALE AND FEMALE RUNNERS.
Would you head over to their facebook page and give them a "like" It's a great cause!!
Disclaimer: I was provided 2 entries to the race. All opinions are my own.

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Monday Motivation... Join the DietBet and win a Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Win this Polar RCX3 valued at $300-$350

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It's time! This past month has gone by, and I am ready to adjust the diet. I know that I am mixing in things that don't belong in my life. It's time to stop. I want to be better, so I am going to be! I am starting the next DietBet on July 20th. 

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Sign up The DietBet is a really fun and easy way to lose weight! Read about how it works here: HOW IT WORKS

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You can also read about it in my previous blog as well...

Here are some pictures that spoke to me this week...
Let's do this! 

Are you going to join the DIETBET? Let me know below! 

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FitBloggin Fun and my Ignite!

How to be a Fit Twit in 6 months...
I was fortunate enough to be chosen to give one of the Keynote Ignite talk at FitBloggin this year. I really wanted to go to FitBloggin, but I really had no idea how to financially make this happen. My friend Caroline from My Fascinating Life told me about this opportunity to speak at FitBloggin and get a free registration. At first I thought I would tell my story...then I realized that I don't really like talking about how I got here. I am not a victim anymore and I don't want to continue to rehash something that happened almost 8 years ago. I am also not at my "after" so I didn't want to do that. I figured that since I found success on twitter, I could talk about that.

To be honest, I was hoping to be more "Fit" than "Twit" (my speech is How to be a Fit Twit) but that's okay. I will say that after seeing the video, I know that it is time to spend more time on the Fit than the Twit though. I still have to work on the eating part. I also need to work on putting myself up rather than down. I am surprised I only said one negative thing about myself, but I need to stop saying anything! GRRR!!!

Here's my speech!

All day long, before this speech, I was nervous. Worried... What if I mess up?? But then I realized that everyone in that room was rooting for me! Everyone there wanted me to be the best me I could be! I got some of the sweetest tweets that day! I was told I have a cheering section table by Badass Fitness, the Fit Approach Sweat Pink girls told me that they knew I would be awesome, and I felt so loved from all of my buddies... Peace, Love, Low Carb, Gingermantra, Restoring Rachel, Melissa is Running It, My Fascinating Life, It's all about the journey, Sneakers and Fingerpaints, Family Fitness Food, Call Me Trouble and many others.
There are many other awesome things that happened at FitBloggin, but I am only going to share a little at a time. It may be because I want to stretch out the wonderful memories for as long as possible.

Have you ever given a speech and been so nervous that the time flew by? That is what happened to me!


Yoga at the Trop and some Rays Baseball!

Rays Baseball

What could be better than spending a Sunday afternoon at a Rays baseball game? 

How about starting that day doing yoga on the field before the game begins on your very own Rays yoga mat?
Anyone who knows me understands that I have a serious love for the hometown boys, the Tampa Bay Rays. My son and I attend as many games as possible every season. We have been to quite a few this year already. When the Rays contacted me asking me to help promote Yoga Day at the Trop, I was very happy to oblige. 

What is Yoga at the Trop? 
It's a chance to do a yoga class with a certified instructor on the same field that the Rays will play the White Sox on just a couple of hours later. 

This is so perfect because I decided after doing my first yoga class in a year or so the other day,  that I need to add yoga to my routine. I really struggle with the flexibility. I know that I need to get stretching and work on the core moves that yoga offers. It's a great mix for runners as well. It will be so cool to stretch and do these exercises on the same field where our boys will later, hopefully get a big win! 

My son Bryce will be joining me. He is a little nervous about yoga. He thought it was a "girly" sport. I explained how many professional athletes are seeing the benefits of the practice as well. He is now looking forward to joining me! I think he also may really want the Rays yoga mat! 

So the song Take me Out to the Ball Game now takes on a whole new meaning! What will you do on Sunday, July 7th?
Rays baseballYou should join me at Tropicana Field and experience a yoga class on field before the Rays take on the Chicago White Sox. Laura Conley, a local instructor will be teaching the one hour long class. It starts promptly at 10am. 
You don't have to be a great yoga student. Beginners are welcome! (Actually, if you are beginner, you can join me... I am too!)
Anyone who purchases a ticket to this special event will receive a seat in the Lower Reserved section for the 1:40 pm game and a Rays yoga mat for just $35! ($65 value) Make sure you grab your Rays yoga mat at the Rays Redemption Center before you go onto the field to use for the class!
Sign up here: Password is yoga1. The deadline to order tickets is July 5, at 11:59 p.m. ET. Please ignore the deadline listed. You can also call this number 727-825-3209 and speak to an events representative to register or ask any questions you may have. 

Sunday is also Family Fun Day at the Trop! There is a giveaway for kids 14 and under. This week the Rays are giving away a Super Zo Utility Belt. Bryce is very excited about this! 
You can read more about Family Fun Day here:

 Disclaimer: I was offered two tickets to write this post. All opinions are my own.