MUST HAVE: Gear in the New Year! #UAWomen Prize Pack Giveaway

The new year has begun, and I have started my training. I am participating in a half marathon in March.  That means cold runs outside. Yes, I live in Florida, and I know it's not COLD like some of you deal with, but it is still cold out. I need the right gear to keep me warm. You can imagine my surprise when I got a package from Under Armour to use for my review and giveaway.  It was INCREDIBLE! They were so generous to us!

This giveaway includes women's coffee run gloves, an eclipse StudioLux sports bra, black pants, a head wrap AND Speed Form shoes... This is a HUGE giveaway! Approximately a $250 prize! And this stuff is the best.

I love the way this gear washes up! Not only to I look good while I am running, but I also feel good. The sweat wicking material keeps me dry and warm!

Under Armour is a brand the inspires and motivates! There are many featured athletes who represent Under Armour. Our (my son and my) favorite Under Armour athlete is Steph Curry.
What is on your Fitness Bucket List? #FitBucketList

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I'm doing the Sarasota First Watch Half Marathon!

It's officially official! I will be taking part in the Sarasota First Watch Half Marathon!

You should go register now! http://www.usroadsports.com/Signature/Sarasota/default.taf

There are only a few spots left. Don't wait to register!  The relay option is now officially SOLD OUT, and the individual race has fewer than 200 spots remaining. If you plan to run Sarasota in 2015, it's time to commit!  Seriously, have you seen the past medals... They are so so cool!


  • First Watch gourmet breakfast items for all participants
  • Free Michelob ULTRA beer for all participants over the age of 21 (ID required)
  • Largest medal in Florida for all half marathon and relay finishers
  • Custom made, tech short-sleeve shirt
  • Live band at the finish line presented by First Watch
  • Kids Corner featuring face painting, balloon artists, interactive games and contests
  • Great photo opportunities throughout the course (bring your camera!)
  • And a really cool jacket while supplies last

Have you ever run a half marathon? What's your biggest piece of advice? 


Getting #FITwithASICS Have you seen these shoes?

Have you seen these shoes yet?

They are the lightest shoe I have worn recently. I cannot believe how light and cushiony they are. I literally feel like I am putting on a sock. It is like no other. It's truly a customized fit. When I am walking or working out, they are supportive and comfortable, and when I am just hanging around, I LOVE wearing them, even without socks! They are the BEST!
Check out the link:ASICS WEBSITE

I recently received these cool and fun shoes from Asics. The GEL-Fit Sanas are incredible shoes that can be worn to a barre class or to go shopping in the city. They are fashionable and versatile: this studio cushioned training shoe fits your foot like a glove. They are light and flexible with a customized fit. The Gel-Fit Sana adapts and supports your foot with the inner lining from the heel to the forefoot, while providing a barefoot-like sensation.
I really do love them. You need to check out their website and follow them on twitter and instagram. Check out these amazing colors too!

What is your go-to shoe for workouts and play?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of ASICS.


#Atkins Milkshakes! Saving breaking and helping meet New Years Resolutions!

For years, all I hear is people telling me how important it is to eat a healthy breakfast. And I know it to be true... However... I don't do it daily like I should. I am always running late and grabbing something quick rather than well balanced. I know that this causes cravings and it doesn't give me the fuel I need to get through the day. I know all of this. But I still struggle.

Atkins offers milkshakes now as meal replacements. This is so great for someone like me. No matter how organized I am, I am still managing to run out the door in the morning. That is why I am IN LOVE with Atkins shakes.

The delicious Atkins shakes offer 8 flavors which are an optimal low-sugar mix of protein and essential vitamins and minerals. Perfect for a light breakfast on the go or when you are craving a late afternoon sweet snack.
It is my New Year's resolution to take better care of myself, and that is just what I am doing with Atkins. I have lost 18 lbs so far, and I am going to continue losing til I have no more to lose and I feel great!

In October, I spent a week on the plan and did really well. After the holidays, I do need a bit of a jump start, so I am going back to week one. I am going to flip my body's metabolic switch again. I need to get back on track and make 2015 the healthiest year of my life!

Atkins Avantage Dark Chocolate Royale shake
-1 gm of sugar
-160 calories
-only 2g Net Carbs
-15g protein

This product can be used in all phases of the Atkins Diet.
This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Atkins.


New Year's Resolution: Save for my child's college?

Yes, it is that time. New Year's Resolutions.... Everyone comes up with good ones... I want to lose weight... I want to save money.... I want to be a better person...

We come up with great ideas but without a plan, nothing can happen. I know that I want my son to go to college. I know that I will do anything and everything to make that happen. I know that the chances of me having the "extra cash" hanging around in my bank account in 7 years when he needs it are slim. I am just going to be honest. I don't save money well... something ALWAYS comes up right?

Luckily, I can save for my son's college easily with the Florida Pre-Paid Plan.  Starting is believing!
http://www.myfloridaprepaid.com/  Head over and check out the plans.


Fortunately, I paid for the Pre-Paid college fund when I got divorced. That was part of our agreement. We didn't get any of the extras though. I am currently looking into the Dorm plan. We are not prepared for housing. As we all know, with college comes extra expenses! Just like other prepaid plans, I can pay monthly or I can pay in a lump sum.

It's new years! It's time to get priorities straight! Join the 15,000 plus people who have prioritized their children's college this year so far! Check out the plans and find the right one for you!

What's your new year's resolution?