Give the Gift of College! #startingisbelieving

This is a Sponsored Post for Florida Prepaid. However;  all opinions are my own.

This holiday season, there are a ton of gift guides and suggestions for the perfect gift, but what gift would be better than the gift of college! It's an investment into the future! Every year I hear parents say, "Ugh, I don't know what to buy him. He already has everything!" Well, this is what he needs most right? 

You can give a year of college or the full four years! It's up to you.  When I bought my son's college plan, I was selling my house for a profit so I had a large amount of money to spend, but you don't have to go crazy.  You can start with a one year plan. 

1-Year Florida University Plan:

 Now there is a more affordable way to save for State University credit hours. The 1-Year
Florida University Plan is our newest offering

~ Starting at under $50 a month
~ You can purchase one year, or 30 credit hours, at a time according to your budget and
timeline, without feeling the pressure of having to buy all four years at once
~ The plan also allows multiple purchasers to buy a plan for the same child. So now you can
team up with other family members to help pay for your child’s higher education
~ Great for gifting!!

Think about that... grandparents can buy a year, you can buy and year and then maybe next year add more.  

At a time when so much in the world is uncertain, saving for college through Florida Prepaid College Plans is guaranteed and secure. It is certain- a way to ensure a child's financial security. Florida Prepaid aims to reassure families this holiday season as they make purchases this season!

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What is the most treasured gift you have been given for the holidays? Comment below!