Come run the "Women's Half Marathon St. Pete" with Mindy!

I am excited, no eleated, to tell you that I have been chosen as an Ambassador of Good Health by the Lady's Speed Stick Women's Half Marathon.

You can follow my journey on this blog or on facebook at

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BLOGFL12 for $10 off

There are going to be some exciting giveaways coming up, and I look forward to sharing my journey with you so far. 

My Journey to the Women's Half Marathon

I am not going to tell you that I love running.  I don't actually love it while it is happening, but I do LOVE the feeling of accomplishment and pride I feel when I am done. 

I just starting working out in January 2012. I have never run a race in my life. I actually remember thinking that people who run must be crazy because I hated running. I did my first 5K in March and I was hooked. 

I never would have believed you in January if you had told me that I would be running a half marathon. I think I would have actually told you that you needed to seek help! I thought 3.1 miles was long enough.

When I started working out in January, one of my trainers, Jess, was getting ready to run a half marathon. I was so impressed. I jokingly said to her, "I will totally run one of those by the end of this year!" I didn't realize that I had already begun my "FitBucket List." 

Now here's the craziest part, I am going to cross of the first item on my fitbucket list on Nov. 18. I am officially registered as of this afternoon!!!! There is no backing out now.  And the icing on the cake is that I am going to be sharing my story with you all as an Ambassador of Good Health representing the Lady's Speed Stick Women's Half Marathon! (Someone should go tell my old self that one too! There is no way I could have ever seen this coming!)

I have been training for this half for a couple of months now. I will fill you in on my training plan next time! 

I am going to be doing a giveaway: Come run "WHM St. Pete" with Mindy! 

$10 off!!!

If you are interested in registering, use the code BLOGFL12. This code is only good for the half marathon.


Racing Day and Giveaway

Tomorrow is racing day! 

I have been training for a half marathon for a few months now. I am up to running 6.5 miles, so I am wondering what running a 5K in race will be like now. I wonder if my pace will be slower because I am used to running longer, or will I be able to push myself to go faster because I know it's only 3.1 miles... Okay, I am still laughing because I said, "Only 3.1!" 

I am not someone who considers myself a runner "naturally." I am really someone who is trying to love running because you rarely see runners who are overweight! I have spent way too much of my life sitting on the sidelines watching and it's exciting to be out there doing it!  I definitely regret sitting around for so long. It's nice to be out there, living my life!

Don't forget to enter my contest to win the 13.1 Shubeez!

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#Polar Love and Shubeez!

My heart Rate Monitor
Just a quick jot!

A lot of you have asked me about my heart rate monitor. I just wanted you to know that it is one of the best fitness items that I have purchased during this journey. I purchased it originally because I wanted to know how many calories I was burning during my workouts. It has become so much more to me. I know my maximum heart rate, and I know where my zone heart rate is. I am able to regulate my heart rate now, and it's making me a better runner. I had no idea how valuable this tool would be to me. I think it is a must-have item for everyone.

I spoke about it in my VLOG today, so I will attach it here.

I have been Vlogging every single day of the month of August as the FIT-VEDA project by Youtube. VEDA: Video every day of August. Please subscribe to my channel. There will be some amazing and exciting things ahead.

Shubeez are the adorable "shoe bling" that can motivate and inspire you to have a better run or workout. I am giving away (3) Shubeez that say 13.1 on them. I am currently training for a half marathon, so mine means a great deal to me. 

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Giveaway winners and new giveaway and The Most Beautiful Run

Guess who was featured on Fitfluential's Motivation Monday? Yep it was me!!!

Giveaway winners!!
Congratulations to our @TheSoxBox giveaway winners.  

This week's Giveaway!! SHUBEEZ!!!

How cute are these!!! Are any of you training for a half marathon? What a great motivational tool to get ready. I have put mine on my shoe already, even though I haven't completed the half yet. I have it facing me for now so I can see while I am training. Once I complete it, it will be flipped over for the world to see! It's great motivation for me when I look down and see it, it helps me push myself further.

Shubeez is a great company to use for fundraising. You can custom order your shubeez. I was thinking for a school or team, it would be so much fun.

These have also been put on bracelets. It's such an adorable piece of bling! You have to have one! Contact them on twitter @shubeez or on the web at Please click on the link below to register to win the contest. The drawing will take place next Sunday at midnight. Click on this link for the giveaway:

My beautiful Run!
St. Petersburg Pier Photo taken by Mindy Artze
This is a picture of my run this morning.
I am so fortunate to get to run this path often. There really isn't anything prettier than the sun rising up over the water while I am running. I don't always stop and appreciate it. Today while I was running, I was trying to video some of the beautiful sites.  This is when I realized that I need a #GoCam desperately!!!! But while I was videoing, I was realizing that running, even though it's not my most favorite thing to do, is the one time that I actually breathe in life around me.

I have lived in this town virtually my entire life, but it's during this time I notice the clouds, the sun, the reflection off the water, the birds, and the fishermen. It's paradise. I know that there are a lot of people who never see the water, and I see it every single day! I am blessed. Running has really pointed that out to me.

When I run, I am so close to the water. I feel my thoughts and problems float away. It's a blessing. There are millions of beautiful places to run in this world, but I just wanted to share my paradise with you.


Fit Transformation and The Sox Box Giveaway

The Sox Box Giveaway, Push ups for twitter followers, Fit Transformation project

Last night I completed 120 push ups for my twitter followers. If you don't follow me yet, you can at @mindyartze. Here is the video. I only had to do 60, but the first time I videoed, it did not work. UGH! :)
Push up Video

Today is Fit Transformation Project Day 4. 
Things have been going great with my workouts. I am still not as strict on my eating as I need to be, and I am beating myself up a little on that. I didn't start logging my food in yet. I need to start that immediately.
I have had one PT session, one on my own run, and one boot camp so far. Today I have a PT session and I think we are going to try to video some of it for my VLOG today. Yay! That should be fun. I will post here when I am done.

Last but not least! THE SOX BOX review!!!
You all know that I am in LOVE with my socks! First of all, I love to hate burpees, so they are perfect for me.  When I first contacted The Sox Box, it was because I wanted the Strong Mama socks. The owner, Athena sent me these 3 pairs and told me to review one... I had to keep the burpees!!! Are you kidding me! I love them!!
You may or may not  know that Cross Fit (at least I think it is Cross Fit) has brought a craze into the workout world with knee high socks for women.  The Sox Box at has some of the cutest socks I have seen. 
I will tell you that they are comfortable and super cute. They wash up well too.  They are a must have.
Check out their facebook page too.
The best part about this company is what I read on their site: 
~We honor those service men and women who sacrifice their lives in the name of freedom and justice. Their pledge of onor for their fellow service members and country is unparalleled and for that we must both rock and salute them! Our pledge is the lifetime donation of 20% of all the Sox Box profits to go to the Independence Fund, a non-profit group that directly supports the wounded, ill and injured service members.
Pretty awesome if you ask me!!!

Here is the link to the giveaway:
The Sox Box!
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Fit Transformation

ambassador button
Day 1 of my Fit Transformation Lifestyle Makeover

My gym/studio has changed my life. It's a small place called Fit for Fashion. The owner, Bekah, will begin my "Fit Transformation Lifestyle Makeover" today! I am so excited!

I joined Fit for Fashion in January because they were doing a Biggest Loser Challenge. That challenge and Bekah truly changed my life. If I hadn't walked in the doors on January 7th, I wouldn't be writing this now. I wasn't a blogger, and I certainly wasn't a fitness freak! I was a sad girl who was bordering the line between 100 and 200 lbs. I weighed in that first day (first thing in the am with no food or drink in my system) at 198 lbs. (Wow! I am actually putting that in writing on the internet! I will tell you that I am amazed by      my courage in doing that right now!) I hated looking in the mirror, and I hated how I felt.
This was the first week of the challenge.

The challenge put me on a team of about 14 strong and caring women who right away began supporting me. I was accountable to those people, and I did not want to let them down. Bekah, the owner, made it so easy to get to know others and to encourage us to work as a team. She built us up and helped us feel confident. We competed in weekly challenges that took us to a level of fitness that I didn't think I had in me. There was one challenge that we competed in at the park, and I invited my family to attend. I'll never forget the pride in my dad's eyes (he's a high school football coach of 33 years) and the tears in my mom's eyes. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. And the best thing was my son said, "Wow Mom! You're strong! It consisted of army crawls, wheelbarrows, bear crawls, running, frog leaps and burpees, TONS of them!!! I remember putting my hand in dog poop and hearing Bekah yell to me, "It's okay, just keep going!" You may think that is just crazy, but it wasn't. It made me tougher. Things changed for me that day. I realized that I wanted to be a competitor, I wanted to be part of this group, and I wanted to be a champion. Putting my hand in dog poop and not stopping...  that pretty much made me a BEAST! And I liked it!

This was the GOD AWFUL challenge... that's me
My team won the challenge that day, and we won the Biggest Loser Challenge! I lost 18 lbs and made a great start to my journey. After the challenge ended, I decided to start a facebook page for fitness because I knew that my friends were probably getting sick of hearing all of my motivational quotes. I had no idea that my facebook page, would take off like it has. I had no idea that I would be a #fitfluential ambassador and opportunities would be arising for me through fitness. I am so humbled by it. I can't wait to see where this will lead.

This is me now.... 
I have found a lot of success at my gym, and I credit the people and Bekah with a lot of the success. I have gotten into a funk with my diet lately. I am having more cheat meals than I used to, and I have probably put on a few lbs. this summer because I am a teacher and off schedule. I look forward to these 2 months to get me focused and to empower me to be that champion beast that I know I am.

I am going to give you updates often about my journey in these next two months. I want Bekah to know that I am giving my all! I also want all the Fit Angels from Fit for Fashion to know that without them, I wouldn't have made it this far! I love you girls so much!!!

I hope to make you all proud. I will vlog about my training tonight at post it on the bottom of this blog!
Here is my VLOG!
My workout schedule for the week
My schedule of workouts for the week.
I think I will be adding some things in each day
like the Burpee Challenge and plankaday!


Big fitness news in my life!!! My gym, Fit for Fashion just posted this a few weeks ago...

Please follow my journey on

Here was the criteria:
Each year we choose two women out of a handful of applications that want help to transform their lives into a fitness-oriented one. We always look for something a little different each year. This is our way of giving back to the community and helping those that maybe are unable to purchase a “makeover” package full of 1-on-1 personal training, nutritional guidance & more!

Okay, if anyone knows me, you know that this SCREAMED my name!!! So I sent in my application.

The first question was simple:

In 300 words or less – tell us about yourself? Forget fitness for a second – and tell us a little more about your life – occupation, hobbies, etc.

I am a single mom and a teacher. I teach 5th grade English, and I love what I do. My son is 8, and my hobbies involve all the sports that he is active in. He and I play catch and basketball in the front yard. I started working out in January, and my hobbies have changed since then. I love to spend time with the girls (and a few guys) from the gym running or doing races. I love mud runs the most! It’s fun to get dirty and play in the mud. I love my new facebook page too. It’s amazing to connect with like-minded people about something that I am becoming so passionate about. I am inspired by people who tell me that I inspire them. It fills me up! I also enjoy sports. I love watching or attending Rays games or Bucs games. Sports have always been a part of my life. It’s hard to forget fitness in my hobbies because there is so much in my life that has changed lately due to fitness. I don’t want to be a spectator for the rest of my life. I want to be an active participant!

Question 2:
If you had unlimited access to a Trainer – what goals would you have? And how would you go about achieving them?

I would love to have a trainer to push me further than I think I can go. I think that is what holds me back more than anything. The voice in my head still tells me that I can’t do things. I need that push to prove that I am stronger than I think. My number one goal would be to conquer that voice in my head.

I also need to be accountable. I am at my best when there is someone there, calling me out when I am not pushing as hard as I can. I also need that push to make sure that I get my workout in and eat right. I have this drive in me, and I know that I will be successful! I have journaled my food before and I know the benefits of that.

I want to tone my body and have Angela Bassett arms. I have a good muscle base, but it is covered up by fat. I am slowly peeling away the fat, but I know I can do better. I would love a trainer to design a plan to get me where I need to go. I would get there! I know that!!! I will take the next 3 months and dedicate myself to getting it done.

I would also take any and all nutrition advice that I can get. I need help in this area. I have cut out things that are not good for me, but there are still issues with my diet that I know I am messing up.

Question 3:

What distractions do you have in your life that will deter you from reaching your goal?

My biggest distraction is my son. He is very active and has quite a few extra curricular activities, but my mom and I just had a talk. She has agreed to help me get him to the places that he needs to be and do everything that she can to help me achieve my goals.

Work can be a distraction too if I let stress take over. I am confident that stress will be fine as long as I continue working out.

There were a few other questions, but the final question summed it up for me...

Why should we choose you?
I am dedicated! I want to be better. I want to be fit. I want to change my life, but more importantly, I want to be an inspiration to others. I want to share my journey with the world. I have a facebook page with over 1100 likes and twitter with over 400 followers, and I plan to touch as many lives with my story that I can.

I want to be a better mother. I want my son to see the importance of healthy eating. I didn’t grow up with that, and even though I had the best childhood and I have the best parents, we didn’t eat healthy. I want my son to grow up understanding the benefits of healthy living. I want to inspire him to pass his knowledge on.

I want to be a role model for teachers. A lot of teachers struggle with their weight, and I want teachers to know that this can be done. I am almost 40 years old. I don’t want to live my next 40 years the way I have lived my first. I want to be better, stronger, happier, and healthier.

You should choose me because I will be able to keep an electronic journal of this journey on my facebook page and through blog posts. I will succeed! I want this! You should choose me because I will make you proud!


I am sharing this with you now as #PROOF! I will have the strongest 2 months of my journey thus far! I hope you all will stay around and watch!

To those of you who tell me that I inspired you, thank you. That is what keeps me going! I had no idea that I would help others with this journey, and truthfully I didn't start this for that. The feeling that gives me is far better than anything I ever could have imagined!!! <3 You All! oxox