It's always Game Day

What are you doing for "your" Super Bowl??

I realized the other day, when  I was thinking about why I began this journey, that my son was the number one reason. Not "for" him, but for me, to enjoy every second of this life with him.

God gave me this beautiful little person to raise and care for and I do the best I can most of the time, but before this fitness journey began, I was sitting on the bench watching.

I realized that I wouldn't be in his memories if I didn't change my life. In the picture to the left, I was standing on the "sidelines" of life while my father played football with my son and nephew. Today, that picture would have me in it. I am no longer on the sidelines. I am part of the game and part of the memory!

I decided to make this poster because I am so blessed to have the best "quarterback" in the world on my side. My father has become such a positive influence in my son's life and I know and recognized that I am so totally blessed to have him.  My mom isn't in the picture here, but she is my rock. Seriously, when God handed out parents, I hit the lottery! We aren't rich with money, but what we have makes us the richest people in the world. We are all part of the "big plays" on gamedays and on any other days! We are just blessed!

As you watch the "Big Game" this weekend, I hope you have the most important players on your team with you and in your heart!


  1. Thanks for this post! This hit home....kinda got teary eyed. I want to be in my kids' memories as well. No more sitting on the sidelines. :)

    1. xxoo hugs to you! I hear ya chica!

  2. kids were my inspiration and motivation as well. :) Love the poster!

  3. That was a beautiful post. I'm inspired to be a better person everyday because of my daughter.

  4. I love this post. My mother is my best friend and I do not know what I would do without her in my life. I am so happy that you and Bryce have an amazing relationship and that you and your parents do also.

  5. This is such an amazing post, Mindy! I totally think you should print that poster out and have it framed in your house. Amazing.

  6. This is an awesome post! I learned a lot on Super Bowl Sunday - and even blogged about it as well. Much like you I had the "if not now, WHEN!?" realization - and have kept it in the forefront of my mind ever since. Funny how something like the Super Bowl can teach us so much (...other than that GoDaddy has lousy commercials hahahaha)

  7. What a beautiful post!!! And that poster is definitely worth a frame!!

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