New Years Resolutions are NOT over yet! And eating on the go with #Atkins

Here I am a month into this diet and I am down 14 lbs. I am pretty pleased with that weight loss thus far. I know that I can be stricter as well, so I am looking forward to staying true to the diet this month. Not only will I be trying to keep at it, but I have also joined a DietBet to help. I can win money if I lose 4% of my body weight for the month. I WILL LOSE WEIGHT IN DECEMBER!!!! No excuses! You can join here:
Diets are tough because they take planning. I've said it before and I will say it again... I don't plan! I fail at planning every single time! Atkins allows me to be unplanned easily. I can always stop by the store and grab a box of their Blueberry Greek Yogurt Bars and keep them in my office or even my car. Simple and easy! And DELISH~

Atkins has a total of 24 different varieties of snacks and meal bars. There is definitely something for everyone. The Blueberry greek yogurt bars are my favorite! And lately my job has been so busy that I don't have time to stop and eat. This is a great way to get the healthy eating I need in very little time. There is enough protein and fiber to keep me going through the rest of the day without feeling hungry.
So as I begin this December, I know that I won't let the holidays stop me from being healthy. I know that I can avoid the cookies and candies by staying full and keeping my water nearby!
How do you avoid the holiday craziness in your diet? Please comment below!~ I need your advice! Let's help each other!
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  1. Good luck on the bet! Just a suggestion - be careful with the Atkins bars, I'm not sure they're as nutritious as they are portrayed...


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