May 29 is 529 College Savings Day! #Giveaway #startingisbelieving

This post is sponsored by the Florida Prepaid College Board. I am a Believer Blogger. All opinions are my own
This is Bryce playing baseball! 
As most of you know, there is one person in my life who gets the majority of my attention.  My main goal is to raise him to be successful, humble, and kind. In order to do those things, we have to have a plan. We plan everything. Things don't go according to plan a lot of times, but I can pretty much guarantee that without the plan, it would have gone a whole lot worse.

I have a plan for Bryce to go to college too.  But now there is something new... something I had not heard of yet, but it makes perfect sense.

The Florida 529 Savings Plan Scholarship Program is a new scholarship program running from May 1-29. Why is it called 529? Well, that's easy! May 29th is celebrated nationwide as 529 College Savings Day.  In honor of this day, the Florida 529 Savings Plan Scholarship Program will award 10 winner a $529 Scholarship devoted into a Florida 529 Savings Plan Account. See bottom of post on how to enter. 

This plan is part of the Florida Prepaid College Foundation's ongoing commitment to bringing families budget-friendly flexible college savings options through the Florida Prepaid College Board. What does that mean to you and me? It means that our kids can go to college without having to rack up huge debt in student loans and we don't have to worry about making sure that our kids get a great education.  

I have a Florida Prepaid College fund for Bryce, my son.  I have had it for many years, but we don't have a 529 Savings Plan. Unlike the Prepaid plan, there is not a set payment or a schedule of what to pay. We can pay as often and put in as much as we want and there are no application fees.  The Florida 529 Plan is subject to fluctuations in the financial markets while the Prepaid Plans are guaranteed by the State of Florida.

Want to win one of ten $529 Scholarships from the 529 Savings Plan Scholarship Program? 
You must be a legal Florida resident over 18. You can enter at

Winners will be selected from all eligible entries via a random drawing to be conducted on June 1st, 2016 at 3:00 pm EST.

Do you have a plan for your children's college? What is it?


  1. Great post, Mindy! Allow me to say, from the voice of a parent of a college sophomore and junior in high school, a 529 is a GREAT supplement to a prepaid plan. I wish I had been more cognizant of that in the years when they were growing up - college (and all those books, fees, and housing expenses) seemed so far away! Great being a #BelieverBlogger with you! :-)

    1. Yes! Definitely! And thanks girl!! Love ya!

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