Racing Day and Giveaway

Tomorrow is racing day! 

I have been training for a half marathon for a few months now. I am up to running 6.5 miles, so I am wondering what running a 5K in race will be like now. I wonder if my pace will be slower because I am used to running longer, or will I be able to push myself to go faster because I know it's only 3.1 miles... Okay, I am still laughing because I said, "Only 3.1!" 

I am not someone who considers myself a runner "naturally." I am really someone who is trying to love running because you rarely see runners who are overweight! I have spent way too much of my life sitting on the sidelines watching and it's exciting to be out there doing it!  I definitely regret sitting around for so long. It's nice to be out there, living my life!

Don't forget to enter my contest to win the 13.1 Shubeez!

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  1. I have been there! It took me some time to love the run, and I only kept at it for the same reason (haven't seen many overweight runners). Keep it up and you'll get there. After I conquered my first half, I couldn't wait to do another!

  2. You will rock this 5k, and I totally get where you are coming from! I predict you will be faster in the 5k, without even really trying-it almost always works that way. Just the fact that you are running more miles will make you faster in the 5k.

  3. I'm so proud of you and all that you've accomplished!!! Any run fast or slowis better than no run at all. I keeptelling myself this as I have been discouraged recently.

    If I were to suggest an idea for motivational shubeez, it would be "Isaiah 40:31". This verse does wonders for me! -JnDePalmo

  4. I like the 13.1 one. I'm training for my second half marathon and think it would be a good reminder. @Rolla4

  5. Wahoo!! Good luck on your race, you will do awesome!! The Shubeez look awesome!

  6. I think you'll be very surprised at how much fun you will have! Much luck to you!


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