Giveaway winners and new giveaway and The Most Beautiful Run

Guess who was featured on Fitfluential's Motivation Monday? Yep it was me!!!

Giveaway winners!!
Congratulations to our @TheSoxBox giveaway winners.  

This week's Giveaway!! SHUBEEZ!!!

How cute are these!!! Are any of you training for a half marathon? What a great motivational tool to get ready. I have put mine on my shoe already, even though I haven't completed the half yet. I have it facing me for now so I can see while I am training. Once I complete it, it will be flipped over for the world to see! It's great motivation for me when I look down and see it, it helps me push myself further.

Shubeez is a great company to use for fundraising. You can custom order your shubeez. I was thinking for a school or team, it would be so much fun.

These have also been put on bracelets. It's such an adorable piece of bling! You have to have one! Contact them on twitter @shubeez or on the web at Please click on the link below to register to win the contest. The drawing will take place next Sunday at midnight. Click on this link for the giveaway:

My beautiful Run!
St. Petersburg Pier Photo taken by Mindy Artze
This is a picture of my run this morning.
I am so fortunate to get to run this path often. There really isn't anything prettier than the sun rising up over the water while I am running. I don't always stop and appreciate it. Today while I was running, I was trying to video some of the beautiful sites.  This is when I realized that I need a #GoCam desperately!!!! But while I was videoing, I was realizing that running, even though it's not my most favorite thing to do, is the one time that I actually breathe in life around me.

I have lived in this town virtually my entire life, but it's during this time I notice the clouds, the sun, the reflection off the water, the birds, and the fishermen. It's paradise. I know that there are a lot of people who never see the water, and I see it every single day! I am blessed. Running has really pointed that out to me.

When I run, I am so close to the water. I feel my thoughts and problems float away. It's a blessing. There are millions of beautiful places to run in this world, but I just wanted to share my paradise with you.


  1. Holy cow, what an awesome running path! Jealous!

  2. Congrats to your winners... love the shoe tags.

  3. I love your quote- every day is a good day when you run. It's so true- always changes my mood for the better! :)


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