Run the Women's Half St. Pete with me!

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As most of you know, I was chosen as an Ambassador for Good Health from the Lady's Speed Stick Half Marathon. We are giving away one registration for the race on Nov. 18th! I would love to run this with you! I have a discount code for you as well if you would like to register. Enter BLOGFL12 to get $10 off.

The "Fit Angels" Half Marathon Team

Today was the over halfway point to our half marathon training. When I woke up this morning I thought I was running 7 miles. I was terrified, but I knew I could do it. I am not going to lie to you, when I heard my trainer, Bekah say that we were running 7.5 miles I freaked out a little in my head. That twit who lives in my head started telling my that there was NO possible way that I could do that. She reminded me of every mistake I had made this past week in training or diet. She wanted me to start walking into mile one. You all know that twit... (twit is my nice way of saying, "Witch with a B!) That twit lives in all of us! The only way to get rid of her is to prove her wrong!

That twit loves to try to dictate how my runs go. Today she was telling me that I couldn't do it like she always does. Well, I didn't listen. I told her that I could because I felt strong. I knew I was going to do it. She let me run another mile and a half and then she told me that there was something biting my leg and I should stop to scratch it. I almost did but realized that there was nothing there. The itchy leg lasted for a few minutes til she stopped complaining about that. On the last mile of the run, she decided to tell me that I had "HORRIBLE" cramps in my quads/hip flexors. For a second I believed her, but then I realized I was just fine. 

I beat that twit! I did not let the voice in my head control my run today! I only walked twice while I drank water, and it wasn't very long, just enough to get a couple of sips! My sense of accomplishment was overwhelming. I had to record a video because I needed to get it out! I needed you all to know that you are capable of doing anything you want. Yes, it's 7.5 miles. For some people, that is nothing, and maybe someday for me it will be nothing, but for now, it's EVERYTHING! And I did it!

Here is my Vlog about today's 7.5 mile run...


If you would like to run the Lady's Speed Stick Half Marathon St. Pete, you now have a chance to run with me! I am doing a giveaway that will run for 2 weeks. I hope to see all of you there on Nov. 18.  For more info about the race, check out

Here is your chance to enter the giveaway! You may enter with the tweet daily. The rest of the form is a one time thing! Hope to see you there!

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  1. 7.5 miles is a SH*T TON TO THIS WOMAN :-)

  2. This is so exciting!!!

  3. I would love to run a race in St. Pete. Sadly the travel from OH isn't going to happen. Bummer.

    WTG with the 7.5 miles!

  4. wow! I would love this opportunity to win. so can run my first 1/2 Marathon. Good luck everyone

  5. Girl you are SOOO Awesome!!! Wish I could run this half with you!

  6. I won't be able to travel, but I'll help spread the word about your giveaway. Loved your vlog and how amazed you are at your own strength! You're right- it will be even more incredible crossing that finish line!

  7. Great blog! I love the WHM, I haven't signed up yet...still deciding what to do. This would be my third year in a row. I love seeing all the new runners accomplish their goals - running their first race, getting a PR, inspiring their families. Great event :)

  8. Dear heavens I accidently clicked on the video. Already watched it in YouTube and had to turn it off. Much as I love you cannot cry again.
    You are awesome.
    How about we find me a sugar daddy to get me there and then I win that free entry and run with you:) (I've determined I must be healed by then.)

  9. Congrats Lady!!!!!! Awesome run :) You deserve this awesome feeling, soak it all in!

  10. Great post Miss Mindy :-)
    Keep it up, you're doing so awesome!

  11. Already registered, so I'll be there with ya! SPA Love!

  12. Ultimate fitness goal is to run a half marathon

  13. My ultimate fitness goal is to be the 3d place finisher in the 70-74 year old age means I am still running and going strong and not taking old age as a sign to stop moving!


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