Loving CrossFit Blackbeard! And 2 giveaways!

Split Jerks during the week
When this CrossFit journey began at CrossFit Blackbeard about a month ago, I was really apprehensive. I am overweight and not young anymore. I worried about fitting in. I got through Fundamentals with only one puke, and I felt good.  But then it was time to try this on my own. Without someone there holding my hand...

Well I immediately learned that this wasn't true. I now had the entire box there to hold my hand and answer my questions. I couldn't believe how uplifting and motivating everyone was. It took me a little time to feel comfortable (like maybe a week and a half) and that was my issue, no one else's. Now I feel like part of the group.

Best Place ever!!! CrossFit Blackbeard!
I am definitely someone who struggles more with basic movements and running than others, but mostly I struggle with confidence (nothing new for me) and a lot of times I hear myself saying negative things in my head. The difference is, no one else is saying those things about me. This gym (box) has taken me in and become my support system. This is the difference between going to a BIG Named gym like Golds or something. These people have taken the time to know my name and care if I show up. That is the kind of support I need!

I have gotten through the workouts. I have survived the WODS or Met-Cons (metabolic conditioning) as we call them. Last Saturday, I decided to take on my first SATURDAY TEAM CHALLENGE!  Holy Crap! As I walked in, Trey was writing the Met-Con on the board....

Saturday's Team Challenge:
In teams of 4 For time: (Only one person does the exercises at a time... you take turns)
Ty pushing me and coaching me! Awesome!
  1. Run 400 meters (as a team)
  2. 75 power snatch 75/55
  3. Run 200 meters (as a team)
  4. 50 reverse burpees
  5. 50 meter two-person farmer carry right arm 115/75 (only two from each team at a time)
  6. 50 meter two-person farmers carry left arm 115/75 (only two from each team at a time)
  7. 50 burpee pull-ups
  8. Run 200 meters (as a team)
  9. 75 bear complex
  10. Run 400 meters (as a team)
This came from

Um, I was ready to turn around and get into my car. I started wondering if anyone noticed me hiding in the bathroom.  Want to know what scared me the most... Team Run!!! Yes, as you all know, I run like a turtle stampeding in peanut butter. I am so slow. I was on a team with the most supportive, up-lifting people. They pushed me and coached me... It was unreal! And, WE WON! As we were doing the last 400 meter run, there *may have been tears from me. I started to doubt myself, when this guy Ty, turned to me and said, "You've got this Mindy! I know it!"  He was right! I did! Then I heard Rob (the owner) yell, "We are not getting second! Let's go!" And I kicked it into gear (lol, I am sure it wasn't really fast, but I did my all-out!)  And WE WON! 

Winning team! Ty, me, Erin and Rob!

I had another awesome week at CrossFit Blackbeard, and  I will tell you more in my blog tomorrow. 

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Do you lift weights? Why or why not? Have you tried CrossFit yet?

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  1. SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Thank you Jody! It's people like you who motivated me to get lifting.... I love weights too!

  2. You are doing so amazing. I love seeing your posts and pictures after you go to Crossfit. You are on FIRE. Keep it up! I'm so proud of you. :)

    1. Thank you Nanci!!! I really love it. I wish I could get my love of running back. I have a half coming in Nov. and need to!!!

  3. Excellent :) So proud of you!!

    Yes, I lift weights. I L.O.V.E. CrossFit En Fuego up here in Land O' Lakes! The CrossFit community is just so encouraging and supportive. LOVE it!!

  4. I lift at the gym. When I am not lifting I am doing the insanity program which I will admit kicked my "I thought I was in shape" butt. I wanted to puke during some intense stuff, but I didn't. I did about a month and a half of that program.

  5. Glad you're enjoying it! I tried it but with the price I couldn't afford it...also thought some weights should have been adjusted lighter for people

  6. Like you, my struggle at the gym was always more about feeling uncomfortable a d lacking confidence. Once I got there and embedded in the community it has become the place I fell most confident, where I push harder and smile more! Having the right people in your support system can be the difference between failure, struggle and overall success. I'm so proud of you and so excited you have discovered your comfort zone!


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