Nokia Icon Review #VZWFF

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I will be completely honest... I am a droid snob. I was very nervous about trying this new Nokia Lumia Icon phone. I loved the sleek look, and I knew that I was being "boxed" in with my droid. I decided to try it. FitFluential and Verizon recently joined together to review the Galaxy 4. I have been using that phone ever since.  

Now, I have been given the chance to try the Nokia Lumia Icon. The first thing I fell in love with was the phone itself. I love the "cool" (temperature) feel of the phone. And it fits perfectly in my hand. Being left handed, phones are sometimes hard to use. This phone has the on/off button at the exact height of my index finger. (For you righties, it's thumb level)  I bet some of you never even thought about us lefties... Yes it's backwards for us :) But Nokia remembered us!!

I am also loving the photos! It has outstanding image quality, super video with fantastic sound due to the high quality mics. It has 20 MP sensor with Zeiss optics with Optical and Digital Stabilization. You can zoom in after you take the photo and then reframe and you don't lose photo quality! This reframe function gets thumbs up :)

This is a screenshot... so cool
An added feature that I didn't even realize is that there is a button on the side of the phone that allows me to quickly take a picture without having to unlock my phone... amazing! All of the pictures that I missed while I was trying to unlock my phone haunt me... Never Again! 

This phone comes with a full HD display. There are "live tiles" on the home screen. You can personalize them however you need to. Only keep the tiles you want on your home screen. I love the live tiles. Makes the home screen so much more interesting.  It is called "pinning" and someone told me that she pins her airline app with her boarding passes to the home screen when she's traveling - once back home she unpins it. That is the beauty of these live tiles. You only need to pin the ones that you need and use. And the screen itself is called Clearblack. Clearblack is a life saver this time of year leading into summer when it's SOO bright. The other day I was at my son's baseball game and couldn't believe how great the screen was. The sun didn't cause issues for the screen. I could see everything. 

My tiles :) and they change daily!
The Nokia Lumia Icon uses Quad core processing, built-in wireless charging, and sturdy construction. I love that you can just put the phone down on a charging pad, and it charges. So simple! I am hoping to get the JBL PowerUp bluetooth speaker, but it works with any Qi charger.

For all of you (like me) social media crazed people, I figured something really cool out.  Not only can you see all of your accounts in one place, you can update Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter from one spot... pretty cool stuff!

Finally, the super sensitive touch is incredible.  You can use your fingernails... gloves etc... Awesome! 

My only downside is that some apps aren't available yet, but I did learn that there is an app that can help me when I can't find something I am looking for.  It's called "Where's my App" and I LOVE it! It will tell when the app you are looking for is coming out or what app you could use to replace that one. LIFE SAVER! 

Key Apps
6 tags
Pic Stitch
Where's my app (a great app if you can't find your app)

As a former Droid snob, I highly recommend this phone! It's great! You have to be a Verizon customer to use this phone though. I love Verizon and would really have a hard time leaving, so hey, this phone is a keeper! 

My question for you... Have you thought of switching platforms? I am shocked at how easy this change is. There are things I miss, but I think the good outweigh the bad for sure! 


  1. Looks like a great phone! I changed from an iPhone 5 to a Samsung Galaxy S4 a few months ago as a Verizon Ambassador. I was so scared to change...I'd been an iPhone user for so long! But my ambassador contract has been up since January and I am STILL using the Galaxy! I LOVE it!

    1. Are you still an ambassador? I would love to be! I have really enjoyed trying new products. This phone is REALLY awesome!

  2. I just got a windows phone too!! Nokia Lumia 1520! I L.O.V.E. it!!! It's very big and heavy though, but like you that left handed feature comes in very handy ;)

    1. Mine isn't too heavy... I love the way it feels in my hand... and I LOVE the screen!

  3. oh yes, the screen is AWESOME!! It's heavy compared to my old phone. But it's also 2X as big!! LOL. so it's all good!

    1. I agree... It's heavier than my old one too... but like you, it's just fine with me. And it fits well in my back pocket :)


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