Color me Rad! Giveaway and race info!

disclosure: I was given 4 registrations for this race and two to giveaway to a reader. All opinions are my own.

Last year, Bryce and I ran the Color Me Rad race with some of our  friends. It was a blast. I am so glad that Bryce's buddy Jackson and his family was able to come with us. It made the day ever better. You can read about it here: 
Here we are before the race looking so bright and clean!
Our tips for success:
1. Dress in white! Wear as much white as possible. It will allow you to get as colorful as possible!
2. Get there early and stay late! Make a day of it. It's so much fun to enjoy the music and color before and after the race. Don't be in a hurry!
3. Bring your camera or phone but put it in a plastic baggie.  You will want to take tons of pictures and video. It's a blast.
4. Don't run for time. If you are a runner who only wants to PR, I would skip this race. It's not meant for that. It's a chance to get your mom, dad, kids, and neighbors out to have fun. There are walkers, runners, and even some who skip. It's just fun!
5. Bring a change of clothes and lots of towels. At the end of the race, you will be a mess. You will want to change or put some towels down in your car. The clean up is fun, but be prepared to have blue ear wax and snot... LOL... yep I said it! :)

Getting pumped up to start!
It really was amazing. I hope that they will join us again this year on May 24th. 

We cannot wait til this year's. We will be running this race on May 24th in Tampa. There are many other places where this is run. You can win 2 entries to run this race in your city in the rafflecopter below.

If you don't win, you can save 20% on your registration right now! The code MindysFitnessJourney25
 will get you 25% off! Seriously.... 25% off!!! That is a huge discount!!! Go sign up now!!! :) 
Register here:

Have you run a color race? Why would you want to?

Enter for a chance to win an entry to any Color Me Rad in the country:

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  1. Sounds like fun! I'll have to add this to my run bucket list.

    1. You should... it's a lot of fun! Did you enter to win... You should!

  2. I want to win this because I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to run this race with my oldest (8yo) son. :)

    1. Oh your son would LOVE this! My son counts down the days!!

  3. I haven't done a color race before (finally did my first mud run lat weekend!) and these look like so much fun!

    1. What? You have to do one! So much fun!!!! :) Come to Tampa and do this with us :)

  4. Color Runs are my favorite race to do with the Tampa Trio :) Love them!!

  5. This will be my first color run and my sons first 5k ever!! So excited! !

  6. Wow, the Color Me Rad event sounds like a lot of fun for the family, I should definitely think about checking this one out and you get 25% off! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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