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Looking for some extra fuel in the morning?
My son likes them too!

I don't know about you, but for me, breakfast is the hardest meal of the day. I have really good intentions, but then I always run out of time. Well, when I was asked to try belVita breakfast biscuits, I thought, "Hey, why not!" I honestly didn't think I would be wowed, but I knew I needed to add some whole grains into my morning routine.
4 large biscuits for only 230 calories!
I was SHOCKED by the taste of these. The first ones I tried were the blueberry. I really liked the taste. They didn't have that, "Oh, this is health food" kind of taste. It only got better from there. I have tried all of the flavors now, and my favorite are the apple cinnamon. They are so good! They also have a chocolate flavor that is very good, but I limited myself on those because I could make those a BAD habit if I wanted to. These biscuits (or crackers) are great, in moderation. I think they are a welcome addition to a balanced breakfast, but there is some sugar in them, and I have to remember that. Everything in moderation, right? (What you may not know is that in the past I have been known to fall into boxes of cookies and not come up for air. That was before my journey began though.)

I enjoy eating greek yogurt for breakfast, and these were delicious crumbled on top of it. I also thought that the chocolate biscuits would make an amazing healthy crust for a healthier pie.
I handed some out at my work and got rave reviews as well. I am a teacher and we are always running around, and a little bit of breakfast doesn't last. They are scientifically proven to slowly release carbohydrates over 4 hours, and I have to say that I did notice that I didn't crash in an hour after eating, and I wasn't hungry all morning like I normally am! That really helps because as a teacher, there is unhealthy food everywhere around me. I can't afford to be hungry throughout the day because I will fall into bad choices that are surrounding me. The fact that these biscuits satisfied me was a HUGE plus! And then there is the fact that my 9 year old son likes them!!! Yay!!!

At my grocery store, I didn't expect to find these in the cookie and cracker isle. I am not sure why they were not in the breakfast isle, but I guess they are considered more of a cracker. I was also pleased to see the price. They were $4 at my store, and the cashier told me at checkout that last week they were buy one get one free... Always my luck, a week late! But I think that is great too! As a single mom bargain-hunter, I am always looking for a deal!

Overall, I was really impressed with these. I highly recommend trying these belVita biscuits! 

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.


  1. I almost picked some of these up this past weekend. Now I will for sure :)

  2. My friend just told me about these last week. I had never heard of them. I might need to try some.

  3. I am always looking for new brekky foods. I may have to try these out! Also, I finally got my own Polar watch...I am super pumped to use it! Cheers!

  4. i LOVE those!! The chocolate ones are AWESOME!

  5. Mindy,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad I clicked on your link to visit yours. It looks great! I hope you join in on the Get Green For Spring Giveaway Hop. Hops are so much fun. I'm off to enter your headband giveaway!
    Sonya from Sonya's Happenings...

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