The Great Mother's Day Race recap and Father's Day Race is Next! Family Fitness Fun!

The Great Mother's Day Race Recap and the Fun of Family Fitness!

This past weekend, I celebrated Mother's Day in the most awesomest way imaginable. I ran a 5K with my best buddy and the boy who gave me the best title I have ever had. I was so lucky to have been asked to be a blogger for The Great Mother's Day Race. Bryce was very excited to be running his second race of the year.

He told me that he really wanted to stay with me this time, but as soon as the gun went off, he was gone! He is so much faster than I am. I really wanted to get myself back to my speed when I was in the heart of training for my half marathon, but I am still about 5 minutes slower. Grrr! I am planning on seeing a big difference as I continue my crossfit journey.

The course was really pretty. Al Lopez Park has some pretty scenery. There was one leg of the race where we were near the street, but I like that too... It's nice when people honk their horns at you... I assume they are cheering for me and only me!

As I got to the last mile, I saw the cutest little blonde head bopping up and down in front of me. I knew it was Ronin, my friend Jenny's (who is also a blogger) son. Ronin took off fast with Bryce. I caught up with him, and we walked a bit and talked. He was quick to start running again though once he saw his mom and his guide dog, Matthew coming toward him. Jenny and I finished the race together, and it was pretty cool since we are both Polar Ambassadors.  I am sure you couldn't tell by our clothing :)

Bryce actually ended up finishing over 10 minutes ahead of me. Yep... he's a rock star! He was 8th in the 18 and under category and 80th overall. Not too shabby! He had a blast too!

It was an awesome way to spend Mother's Day. They also have The Great Father's Day Race coming up in July. I am hoping Bryce and I will have the opportunity to run that as well. It was a really special moment to see my son cheering for me at the finish line. Everyone needs to run a race with their children. It is something special when you share a love of fitness... and it's great to get them outside!!!