A successful weight loss helper: The DietBet

As you all know, I have been running DietBets for the past few months! They have been extremely successful. This DietBet is still open for joining, and we would love to have you join. It's $25 to enter. I have a support page on facebook, and this month I decided to feature one participant a week on my blog. Sign up here:

This week I am featuring Melisha Murray. She was the first to email me and she said, "Mindy, Thanks for letting me share, I totally love your blog, instagram and your diet bets!  Your blog is one of the ones that inspired me to finally get up and start moving. Thanks so much for all the work you put into helping people live healthier lives :)"  I asked her a few questions, and here are her responses! Enjoy! 

You can follow Melisha's journey at Melisha Murray Fitness.

1. How many DietBets have you done?
I have been doing DietBets since April and have squeezed in 7 so far.  The past 4 have been with Mindy's Fitness Journey and I love that she has the extra support on the Facebook group! (

2. Why did you decide to do a DietBet?
I heard about DietBet on a blog and was already on my weight loss journey and figured, "Hey if I'm going to lose weight anyways why not add a little incentive."  I needed accountability and support and knew this would be a great motivator.  I'm super frugal so that 25 dollars isn't worth that froyo or that donut so that definitely is a powerful motivator for me.  

3. Have you won money?
I have won 6 DietBets and I WILL win this 7th one too ;) its been between 40-50 dollars each time but I pay the $25 to get started.  I've stopped rewarding myself with food and instead my dietbet winnings are my reward.

4. What is working for you in DietBet?
The extra accountability and motivation really works for me and keeps me going strong!  I post my workouts, food and diet bet weigh ins on Facebook and I was so surprised to see how much support is out there, its absolutely incredible.  It was so scary to post that first thing but now it keeps me accountable and people notice if I don't post a sweaty workout pic.  

5.  What is one thing you struggle with in your healthy journey?
I struggle with getting and staying motivated and not backsliding in between bets.  I've lost 40 lbs since February and have  more to go.  Now that I'm starting to fit in cute clothes again, I've started getting comfortable so its a struggle to stay on track.  My goal isn't only weight loss and sometimes I forget that, so I really have to redefine my goals OFTEN to stay on track.

6. What is your advice to someone who has just joined a DietBet for the first time?  
Don't do it alone, at the very beginning of my journey I connected with an amazing fitness fanatic named Jen.  I didn't know her before I started but we committed to  check in everyday, msg'd sweaty pics, food pics, and motivation.  Being able to share your struggles and have someone who truly understands and who's been there is amazing.  She has become one of my greatest friends and virtual workout partners.  The great thing about diet bet is you are in a community of other people that are working toward the same goals as you.  Reach out and I think you'll be surprised what you get out of it.     

Have fun and make it a lifestyle, Between DietBets, I don't change anything, I still eat super clean and do my workouts. You'll be a lot happier if you don't have to start over every 30 days or so.  I see a lot of people on the message boards panicking in the last week doing unhealthy extreme stuff to get the weight off for the weigh in.  If you start off strong and finish stronger you'll be a ton more successful and you'll feel amazing and be proud of your accomplishment :)  Just try it and you'll be hooked! 

This is great advice! Thank you so much for sharing! Make sure you check out the DietBet if you want to make money and lose weight while you do it!


  1. Thanks for the words of wisdom. You look great!

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