Meet one awesome chick! Shannon!

Yes, that is Shannon with the rockin' arm!
I met this awesome chick about a year or so ago on twitter. We were involved in quite a few twitter chats. Then we became blogging buddies. I loved Shannon online, but when we finally met in person, I knew we were going to be buddies for life! This girl is the whole package. She is hysterical. She is beautiful on the inside and out! Seriously, when I saw her, I thought I was going to jump out of my skin! We had the best time and I cannot wait to spend more time with her. 

Meet my sweet girl, Shannon! 

Name: Shannon Colavecchio

State: Florida

When and why did you start working out? I have worked out since college, but back then I frankly had no idea what I was doing and had a very unhealthy attitude toward food and exercise. Today I work out because I love how strong and alive I feel and because it has brought me to a place where - as the owner of a fitness studio - I can be an example and instructor to help others reach their fitness goals. There is no better feeling than seeing them succeed!

What is your workout of choice? I love Tabata Bootcamp- no more than 45 minutes and it seriously kicks butt and burns calories for hours after, not to mention working the entire body. Runner-up - a great cycle session or run with friends.

What is your favorite race, race distance, and WOD? 
13.1! Just long enough to be very challenging, without 
wrecking the body like a full marathon tends to do over 

What is your most favorite piece of workout gear? 

The TRX Suspension and RIP Trainer - phenomenal 
workout with very simple equipment. Runner up would 
be Gliding Discs - so innocent looking, but those discs 
can whoop your Bad--- when used properly!

Do you follow any diet or take any specific supplements 
that complement your workouts? I am a Paleo eater 95 
percent of the time and, since starting over a year ago, 
have seen an amazing change in my physique and 
fitness performance.

What is your favorite cheat food? Pizza and black and white Toojay’s cookies or big chunky cookies (NOT Paleo!) filled with lots of nuts, chocolate and butterscotch chips, etc.

What advice would you give someone just starting out? 

The hardest step is the first one, and it’s all baby steps after that. So take your fitness journey one step at a time, and consider each one a victory. Because hey, at least you’re NOT on the couch!

What is your best workout memory? Finishing my first cycling class as instructor - the first group fitness format I ever taught. Being able to leave students feeling challenged but happy and strong, I knew at 
that moment what I was meant to do - helping others through fitness.

What is your biggest “FIT BUCKET LIST” item? I want to be a master trainer for Schwinn, IndoRow and TRX someday and present at fitness conferences! 

Tell us something that not many people know about you? In college, the class I most struggled with was  Aerobics. At the time, the thought of the ‘final exam’ of leading a class solo was terrifying! How far we come, huh?! ;)

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  1. That's awesome that you meet on Twitter! I met quite a few random people in my city on Twitter over the years. It's cool when you meet someone in another city when they say hey I know you from Twitter.... I've seen Shannon's blog! She is badass!

    1. It is so crazy. she lives about 5 hours from me... I think... We had to travel across the country to meet :)

  2. Replies
    1. :) You will be glad to know her

  3. Big fan of the TRX aswell! It's just so flexible. Always bring it with me on holidays and when staying at hotels. Takes away all the excuses for not working out! I'm going to look into the other stuff you said too!


    1. I love TRX too... Shannon knows all!

  4. Mindy I love reading your blog and I follow Shannon on instagram. You are both super inspiring and I wish I could have met both of you at fitbloggin'. I saw both of you but things were so busy. Hope to see you this year.

    1. Definitely!!! You must introduce yourself!!! ;) Fitbloggin is so much fun!

  5. I am so very very fortunate to have been a witness to the last couple of years and Shannon's evolution to the point of owning her own studio. She has a special gift (also) with "bad donkeys." And we all know getting kids excited about fitness when they are young can be the gift of a lifetime! She does indeed rock; I am glad you featured her! :-)

    1. She is amazing with those kiddos! so glad to have met you through her! :)

  6. Wonderful group of strong women!! I look forward to meeting you and many others I admire at FitBloggin' 2014

    1. Yay! Can't wait to meet you!!! <3


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