The tastiest Mouth Guard: MoGo Mouth Guards

Anyone who has a child who participates in sports or who is an athlete himself or herself knows that mouth guards are essential in any contact sports. While I watched my son play tackle football, I worried that he would take his mouthpiece out and forget to put it back in. Mouth guards are a staple for contact sports athletes, but what do most youth athletes do the moment the whistle blows? They pull out their mouth guard and when the action starts again, they scramble to get the mouth guard back in their mouths. A large part of this scenario is because mouth guards don't fit properly and they taste horrible. That is where MoGo Sport Mouth Guards come into play. 

MoGo is the first flavored mouth guard on the market with technology that uses a player's dental impressions to provide a custom fit mouth guard with unrivaled protection on the field. It is worn by thousands of athletes across the country at the youth, high school, collegiate, and professional levels. So what makes MoGo stand out? Performance, Protection, Fit and of course, FLAVOR! No other product provides this kind of protection while giving athletes a reason to keep the mouth guard in their mouth throughout the entire game. I wouldn't trust my son with anything else~ 

They sent me a few for my son and his friends to try out. The boys loved them! And they won the championship! My son's favorite flavor was mint!

There is a great giveaway going right now too.  Daily prize packages include a MoGo flavored mouthguard and a MoGo tshirt.  We will also do a different weekly mini grand prize each week; a football signed by Colin Kaepernick, a hockey puck signed by Evgeni Malkin or a basketball signed by Stephen Curry.  The grand prize winner gets all 3! The link to enter is on our fan page at

Do you have children who participates in sports? Do they wear a mouth guard?

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