Hog Wild Hell, no not really!!! It was awesome!

This is Jodi and I before the race. It was her idea to try the braids. I loved it and will probably do it for every mud race!!! (more pictures below)

Our Mud Run today!

This is straight from my own memory, so I could have missed some parts... :)

There really is nothing that compares to running on trails, climbing obstacles, and playing in the mud with your best buddies~ Well, unless you were at the Hog Wild Mud Run 2 today in Tampa, FL. Then you would have to factor in cows and a bull, oh and cow pies!!! Talk about rough terrain... dodging cow poop and running cows... Hysterical! We called them obstacows! (in addition to the obstacles.)

The race began with quite a run til we got to the first obstacle. It was wading through a creek with a current. This was very refreshing because it took a long time to get checked in. We had to stand in the sun in line for about an hour. Hopefully they will fix that next year. After the creek we had to run to our  first wall. I probably got about halfway up, and I had to go down. The wood was tearing up my hands, and I realized that I really need to use gloves for these runs. I think all of the drivers on I-4 enjoyed watching all of us climbing up this wall. It was inverted and very tough. I am so proud of the strong "fit angels" that persevered and made it up and over. I was disappointed because there were some strong, good looking men helping people over, but by the time it was my turn they weren't there to help me by pushing my butt up :) LOL! We went to another wall. This wall was a rope wall. I was impressed that I got a little over halfway (I think) because I definitely doubted my ability.  I got scared and came down. It was then that I realized that I really need to work on upper body strength.

We headed over to pick up sandbags. We had to carry (I want to say 30 lbs) sand bags around a lake and wade through the lake to drop off our sand bag. Finally, it was time for the tube slide. It wasn't super fast, but it was very refreshing! We had to swim across the lake, and that was a long way. There was a rope to hold onto, but I wish I hadn't. I should have just swam. I was very tired after this. Then we ran for what seemed like forever... We had to wade through another creek, but this time people were throwing tomatoes at us.  I hid behind my friend Danny.  I didn't get hit once... Thank God! Ouch! I bet that would have hurt! Someone (who will remain nameless and it's not me) started firing them back at the crowd... funny...

After that, there were about 4 or 5 obstacles that were right together. There was a smaller wall climb where I finally found success with the help of my friend Ty. I skipped a crazy inverted monkey bar climb because even strong men were dropping immediately. Ty did complete it and got a round of applause from the crowd :) There was a rope climb and an ice bath.  The ice bath didn't have any ice in it, but the water was cold so it felt good.  It certainly wasn't a true "ice bath" like I have heard about in the Savage Run or Tough Mudder.

Next came a grueling run through the trails. There will hills close together and it was definitely a challenge. This was a long stretch of running. There was some walking too.  We came up to some hay bales that we had to climb. I got great help from my girls Janice (who I just met) and Jodi. We had another longer run that ended in about three or four consecutive holes of mud. In and out and in and out... I think at this point I was just crawling. 

The best part was the slide!!! One of my closest friends, Jodi and I held hands and slid down into some really disgusting mud! It was great. The last thing we had to do was crawl through some thick mud and not catch our butts on the barbed wire. We couldn't help but do a little silly posing for the camera.   

Finally we got to the finish line!!! Yippee!!! That's probably when I realized that I truly had the best time and was so proud that we got through all of that! Plus, we laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt from smiling!! 

When I crossed the finish line, my friend Mercy was waiting for me. She had already cleaned up a bit.

And finally!!!!! The moment all mud runners wait for, THE FREE BEER!!! :)  My friend Krista and I posed for a pic holding our beers!!  It was a truly great day! 

Check out this link that was posted on the Hog Wild facebook page.  

There was A LOT of stuff that I forgot about!!! :)

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