Review of my racer back tank from Nurtition Snob

I am so lucky that Suzanne from Nutrition Snob gave me this adorable racer back tank to try. She even let me choose the design. I love the fact that she has many different colored shirts. I am always wearing black due to not being at my goal weight. So when she gave me the chance to choose one, I knew I would not choose black, no matter what.  I was very nervous that the tank would show my muffin top, and I even told her that I wanted a large or extra large. She said that she knew I was a medium, but if when I got it, it was too small, she would take care of it!!  She was right! :) I am a medium.

I have now run 4 miles in this tank, and I have done a boot camp in it. I love it! It is cool, and the material breathes really nicely. It washes up great too!  Plus, LOOK AT IT!!! It's adorable!  Go to and give her some love! Check out the adorable designs. I know that my running group, The Fit Angels, will all be ordering our 13.1 shirts soon! We are training for our first half (at least most us are doing it for the first time!)

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  1. Love the tank...I have one kind of like it and love it. I need to add a few more to my collection. :)

  2. Love the tank. I looked at her site and the sayings are very inspiring.


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