Humbled and amazed!

Today has been quite a day! 

First off, I am not a morning person. I hate waking up. It doesn't matter what time it is, I struggle! All week I have been going to the gym at 6 am. One of my best buddies works out with me. She keeps me accountable. Today she texted me at 5:15 am that she wasn't going to be able to go with me. That was it... that was the text I waited for all week. I could go back to sleep. But I didn't. I realized that I wasn't going to the gym at 6 am for anyone but ME! I got up and had a great workout. (I did miss her terribly... and I am sorry for calling her out in my blog, maybe she won't read this LOL)

That was my first breakthrough. Now, because I am a teacher, I am not "working" right now. I thought I would take a nap. As I put my doggies in bed (because they are old dachshunds and can't get on the bed on their own) I realized that I had so much I wanted to do today that I really should do those things. So, I got up and I rearranged furniture, organized my bedroom, and made a pile of things I needed to get rid of. Wow! Thank God I didn't take that nap.

Next, I got a call from my mom telling me that my dad will be inducted into the Florida Athletic Coaches Association Hall of Fame next January! So proud of him.

Then I went to my son's football practice. I got wrapped up in some drama, and I started questioning coaching decisions that honestly aren't my place to question. As a football coach's daughter, I SHOULD know better. I backed off that situation and have decided to let things happen the way they are supposed to happen.

Finally, I came home and created this before/now picture. When I looked at it, really looked at it, I realized that I have come so far. I have been focusing so much on the number on the scale. It has been "weighing me down" (English teachers love puns!) I can see the difference I have made in myself. The scale has never been my friend. Even when I was "skinny" I weighed a lot more than I thought I should. I should know better. Looking at that picture made me proud!  Then I posted this photo and WOW! I feel so loved! My friends, my supporters, all of you have blessed me in so many ways. The support I get on a daily basis humbles me. I could cry because I feel so special!

Thank you for following my blog or my facebook or just my journey! You all build me up! I feel like I can do it! I can reach my goals and surpass them!!!  Thank you!


  1. Mindy, You are truly an inspiration and I'm lucky enough to know you and witness this change in you. It's like a fire spreading and I'm beyond thankful you've shared it with me. Im also thankful for that same friend who is unnamed above, as she is also a great motivator during boot camp!!!

    I read and reread your blogs! I'm proud of you! Thank you for sharing your journey with the world!

    P.S. Congratulations to your sweet Daddy! He definitely deserves the best!
    ~ Jenn

  2. Jenn, you brought tears to my eyes when I read this. You are doing it!!! You made the decision for you to do, and if I helped you at all along the way, know that it made me stronger. I am blessed to have amazing people in my life in person and via the internet! Keep up the great work!!!


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