A Family Christmas and running safety first!

Be safe! Register to win a RoadId. Santa brought my son and me one. Please click on the link to enter!

Amazing Family Time!
I was so blessed to have a beautiful Christmas with my family. Here are just a few pictures of all of us enjoying the holiday! My son and I also joined in on the #26 Acts in honor of the lives lost in Newtown, CT.

My father dresses up like Santa every year on Christmas Eve. The entire family comes over, and he passes out presents. The real Santa asks him to do this for him every year since he is so busy!


  1. How fun is it that your Dad dresses up like Santa! Love it! :)

  2. So cool that your dad dresses like Santa. That must make Christmas even more special.

    I love my Road ID and recommend it to everyone. It just makes me feel more secure when I'm running or riding alone.

  3. I need to buy a bib/medal holder.... they are sooo cute!!

  4. I'm so happy I finally got a medal holder! It's so much prettier than just leaving them everywhere!

  5. Your dad is so awesome to be so cheerful ;)

    It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!


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