Going Out with a Bang!

Ain't this the truth!

A Look Back at 2012!       
One of my blogging friends, Running Hutch posted this yesterday and  I decided I would use it as a template to talk about my year!

Year End Reflections: 
It all began with a Pink Polar and a dream! 

10 Highlights:

1. Asking my mom for help with my son so I could start working out!
2. Meeting amazing friends at my gym Fit For Fashion
3. Running my very first race (aside from the Climb up I did) with my new workout buddies.  The Bolt Run! That evening we all went to a hockey game.
4. Running a 10K in NYC when I was there for work. I decided that I must really be a runner if I am choosing this while I am in the most fabulous place I have ever been. And I did it alone on the 4th of July.
5.Getting an email from Fitfluential in July telling me that I had been chosen to be a Fitfluential Ambassador. I had no idea how amazing this experience would be. It pushed me to applying to be an ambassador with Fit Approach, GirlsGoneSporty, The Women's Half Marathon, and MomPowerTeam. What an amazing group of people!
6. Getting an email from Polar Heart Rate Monitors asking me if they could use my cover photo for a tshirt idea. WHAT!!! Why of course!!! From that, I met Chris from Polar who contacted me asking me to be a Polar Ambassador. Being a Polar Ambassador means so much to me because this is a product that I truly love!
7. I ran 15 races this year. Some were mud races, one was in a tropical storm, and some were on the beach. I have never run a race in my life til April of this year.
8. I ran a half marathon and did Tough Mudder within 2 weeks of each other
9. Running The Color Run with my son
10. I met all of you! Whether it be my facebook page, my blog, my twitter, my instagram, my pinterest, my tumblr, or my google +, this social media thing has changed my life for the better. I love the twitter parties, vlogs, instagram challenges and everything. Mostly, I love learning from you all. I am just a single mom on a journey. Definitely not an expert!

Failures: (these will be short and to the point)
1. Didn't lose the weight I want yet
2. Achilles tendonitis messing up my training
3. Not loving the half marathon like I thought I would
4. Being slower than my running buddies and having to run alone
5. Did I say not losing the weight I wanted to lose? It counts twice.
6. Still waiting for Mr. Right
7. My plumbing backing up and ruining my carpet... still haven't replace it yet...
8. Not having the money I wish I had to do more with fitness
9. Not conquering all my fears in the Tough Mudder
10. Excuses I made to skip workouts

Game Changers:
1. Fitfluential, Fit Approach, GirlsGoneSporty and the Mom Power Team and the opportunities I have been given by being involved with these groups.
2. Polar: Being a member of the Polar Racing Team.
3. My facebook page and blog

Things focused on:
1. my health and fitness
2. my blog and facebook page
3. being the mom that my son would be proud of

Things I forgot
1. Learning to cook healthy meals
2. Maintaining my social life. I got really involved with my son and my journey that I lost the desire to go out and have fun as often as I should have
3. I forgot to be angry! I let it go and that is a great thing!



  1. Love your list and that fact that you're not beating yourself up for the things you left unfinished last year.

    Here's to a fabulous 2013 my friend! xo Tamara

    1. Thanks Tamara :) Can't look back right? Just forward!!

  2. cooking healthy meals is easy if you are willing to try new foods. I am happy to share recipes and ideas. we can even cook double and split it if you live as close to me as I think you do.

    1. You are too cute! And I am pretty sure we are close :)

  3. I have recently been dealing with Achilles issues, does it make your calf cramp up?

    1. For me the pain was in my heel. It radiated a little, but everyone is different where they feel it. Sorry :(

  4. You did great in 2012!! Definitely skyrocketing to who you feel you want to be. So glad to have met you this year and I love our little "8" group :) <3 2013 is goin to rock in all kinds of ways for you!

    1. Thank you Beka! I am s proud of all of us! I look at how far we have come and our plans and I am so excited!

  5. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

    The successes are great, and the failures are only there to provide feedback so that success list will be 10x as good next year (although, it's pretty awesome as it is!)

    I think I said it in another comment, but may 2013 be an awesome year for you, and don't forget to be diligent! :)

    1. Nick, thank you! You comment made me tear up! I appreciate your support!!!

  6. Your video seriously made me cry.
    I am still working on those last few pounds too. Aren't they the worst.
    I also totally feel you about getting all wrapped up in blogging, fitness, etc. and forgetting to have a social life. I never go out which is probably why I am still single too. Maybe we are just to awesome for Mr. Right and need a Mr. Equally Awesome to find us.

  7. LOVE IT! You have a lot a great highlights, girl!

  8. Hi Mindy!
    Just wanted to say congrats on all that you accomplished in 2012!! You had a great year girl, you should be very proud! Cheers and Happy New Year! Tara


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