Youtube Honor! Thank you!

Wow! Honor Mention for my Youtube channel??? So honored!
Here is my vlog about it! :)

Mike from Frugal Fitness wrote up his top 25 Youtube channels for fitness and inspiration. While I was  not in the top 25 (duh! I just created my channel in August,) I was given honorable mention. That is amazing! I am honored!!! Make sure you check out his list. There are some awesome channels that will give you guidance for workouts and healthy living. Check out

A couple of my personal favorites are:


  1. Love your stuff, thank you so much for this post! Keep up the excellent work at take it to the top!

    1. Thank you Mike! I look forward to moving up on the list this year :) I have a lot of work to do, but I am motivated! :)

  2. Well deserved, Mindy!! :0)

  3. WOOP WOOP!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Michael S. rocks my world, he honored me on that list too!! Off to subscribe to your channel now ;)