Featured Blogger: Meet Alicia from Never Been Skinny and join my #dietbet

Meet my friend Alicia.  And join my DietBet to start off New Year's right!

 Name: Alicia
State: California ( the Southern Part ^_~ )

Alica's story stands out to me. She is working so hard to achieve her goals. She, like me, is just starting Weight Watchers. I look forward to reading all about her successes! 

When and why did you start working out? 
I got tired of being over weight. I just don't have it all figured out but every day I workout is a day where I make a change in my body. 
What is your workout of choice? - I don't really have a preference. I tried Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) and never thought I would like it...I fell in love with it...its just not a winter activity (to much sweat and too cold outside). I have gotten into my running (which is really a jog) and have done several 5K's. I like trying new things. 

What is your favorite race, race distance, and WOD? 
My favorite race so far my first 5k I ever did. It was on 1/1/2013 and I was still slightly hungover from the New Years Eve Party. It was cold, it was hard but that day I proved to myself I could do 3.1 miles! 

Do you follow any diet or take any specific supplements that complement your workouts?  
I try to take my shakeology everyday. It is an amazing shake and since I don't like getting up in the morning its an easy make and I can stay in bed longer. 

What is your favorite cheat food? 
Sweets. Anything sweets which is why I have gone on a sweet detox to help me to stop craving them so much. 

What advice would you give someone just starting out? 
Don't quit. Even if it doesn't look like you are making progress, and trust me I know that feeling, you are. It may be inches, weight, endurance, or a move you haven't been able to do before, but the change is there.

What is your best workout memory?  
I was doing Shaun T's Hip Hop Ab's for about a week, and my relatively fit hubby decides to join me. Half way in he is huffing and puffing while I am able to continue with all the exercises non stop. It was at that moment that I saw that sticking with something, even as short as a week, really does make a difference. 

What is your biggest “FIT BUCKET LIST” item? 
My biggest and greatest on my list is to wear for Halloween a Princess Leia Slave Costume (I am a huge Star Wars fan and have been for years). This is my ultimate Bucket Item!

Tell us something that not many people know about you? 
I don't like chocolate. Well my friends know this but not my readers. When I was younger I was I couldn't have dark chocolate or it would give me an allergic reaction. Nowadays I don't even like the taste of dark chocolate. 

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  1. Hahaha I love your fit bucket list item. Very sexy and very brave. Great choice though for showing off the body you worked so hard on, and for.

    1. I love Alicia! She is working so hard! Proud to know her!

  2. I absolutely love posts like this. I can't imagine not liking dark chocolate, its the only chocolate I like! :)

    1. I don't like dark chocolate either... gosh I wish I did!

  3. Replies
    1. Betsy thank you for reading... as always! Much appreciated!

  4. OMG that's the funniest "bucket list" item ever and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

    1. Thank you for reading Gigi~ You were HYSTERICAL on the bachelor~

  5. With the rest - the bucket list - too funny!!!

    1. Thank you for reading Jody! I appreciate your support!


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