Is Your Child Going to College: Florida Prepaid College Fund

My Bryce... this is why I did Florida Prepaid!
One of the best things that we have ever done for my son is get him the Florida Prepaid College Fund. Starting is believing and the time to start is now! My son has the opportunity to go to college without having to take on HUGE student loans that he will spend the rest of his life paying back. That matters to me!!! I know you are probably worried about cost. I know... I was too. But this is doable! And worth it. When we purchased our plan for Bryce, we went for the 4 Year Florida University Plan. Yes, it was more expensive, but for us, we needed to do it! It just made sense. We are so glad we have it too. We didn't start when Bryce was a newborn either. You can start late if you need to! Check it out! 

Monthly prices for newborn are below:

4-Yr Florida University Plan
1-Yr Florida University Plan
2 + 2 Florida Plan
4 Yr College Plan
2 Yr College Plan

There are a few different plans that you can choose from. The Florida Prepaid College Board is introducing the new 1-Year Florida University planYou can purchase one year, or 30 credit hours, at a time according to your budget and timeline, without feeling the pressure of having to buy all four years at once
 The plan also allows multiple purchasers to buy a plan for the same child. So now you can team up with other family members to help pay for your child’s higher education.
For example, let Grandma and Grandpa buy one year and you purchase another. A child can have up to four 1-Year Florida University Plans.

Another plan is a 2 year Florida College Plan.  You can set your child up with a practical and affordable path for an Associate's degree or trade certification. This will give your child the advantage over those with only a high school diploma. 

If you want to go for the whole 4 years, there is the 4 Year College plan. This is a practical and affordable path to a Bachelor's degree. There are 28 Florida colleges and they've expanded their capabilities far beyond the two-year programs. In face, most now offer four-year bachelor's degrees. There is also a 2+2 Florida College Plan. Your child can start off at one of the state's 28 Florida colleges and you will save money on lower-level courses before transferring to a State University to finish off their degree. 

The last plan is the 4 Year University Plan. This plan will start your child off at one of Florida's 12 prestigious state universities and see them through their 4 years of college. 

All of the prepaid plans, every dime of the plan, can be applied to any university or college nationwide or if unused, refunded back to the student. 

Whether you’re already familiar with Florida Prepaid and still need some guidance or you’re just getting started, this Interactive Conversation will help you learn even more about the Florida 529 Savings Plan and Florida Prepaid College Plans. Click Here: 

What are you waiting for? 

Blog disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Florida Prepaid College Board, through my role as a Believer Blogger. All thoughts are my own. 

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