Giveaway and The crazy life of a teacher!

Time to get Pretty Muddy!!

Only one more day for my Pretty Muddy Mud Run giveaway!!! 

My crazy life of a school teacher...

This week was JUST crazy busy! It was the end of the first quarter of the year, and that meant time for me to write 81 comments about my 5th grade students. I teach Language Arts at a private school.

I haven't blogged in a week! I stopped doing Vlogtober because I couldn't keep up! I only exercised 2 times! And I fell off the wagon with my eating! Grrr!

On top of the crazy week at work, I had to prepare for my son's 9th birthday! Last night I had five 9 year olds at a sleepover. I am very blessed because my parents let us stay at there house because mine is in shambles right now! I had  a plumbing issues that caused me to have to rip up some of my carpet... Does anyone know anyone who is looking to do a home make-over :)  I am ready!!!

Anyway, so I am going to wake up early tomorrow to run! My running group is doing 11 miles tomorrow, I think. I am just a week out of the boot, so I won't be doing that much, but I am going to try for 5-6. I am pretty confident that I can do it!

Tomorrow is also my son's official 9th birthday! It is hard to believe that this little man is really growing up! NINE!!! Sounds so old!!! Yikes!!!


  1. Hubby and I did a mud run last month and it was a fun change of pace, much less competetive :)

  2. I've never run in the mud and it sounds like a fab challenge!

  3. Take it slow coming back from an injury! 5-6 sounds like too much to me. Rush it and you'll end up injured again, either in the same place or a new one.

  4. I feel the craziness. Sometimes life just gets like that. Forgive yourself and get back on the bandwagon as soon as you can.
    I feel you have to do 67 report cards on Friday.


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