Life in Perspective and Giveaway!!!

Down in the dumps? Snap out of it!!!
So I have been feeling sorry for myself....


So it's time to move on and make good choices. I am going to tell you my plans tomorrow.  Do you have any suggestions for me? How can I get past this hump and stay focused?

Enter my Ruffles with Love tshirt giveaway! Giveaway ends 10/12

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  1. I subscribe and follow you on FB and Twitter.

  2. My shirt would probably say "XC MOM"

  3. Wonderful blog today, love! Happy Sunday!!! Spa <3

  4. Mine would say RUN 13.1 (my fav distance)

  5. What a great Vlog! I will lift you and your friend in prayer <3 Don't be so hard on yourself!!! You are beautiful and awesome!!!!!

  6. I love the I Don't Sweat I Sparkle shirt!

  7. I subscribe via Google Reader! :-)

  8. My shirt would say
    Sweat Like a Pig
    Look Like a Fox

    Unless I could get my own made:
    Comeback (on the front crossed out)
    Comebetter! (on the back)
    Cus that is what you and I are going to do.... be back and be better

    1. yes! I love that!!! You need to win! I will pay extra if we need to for you to get that if you win!!!

  9. Mindy, you are doing so well with everything! Your enthusiasm is infectious :-D

  10. I subscribe and follow you on FB and Twitter.

  11. I like the "Eat Clean Train Dirty" shirt...ever since I was a kid I somehow manage to get messed up, scuffed and muddy whenever I work out. But I do try to eat well! :)
    Other than that, my only advice is to treat yourself as you would treat your best friend or your other words have faith, lots of patience, TLC and a sense of humor. :)

  12. I eat my feelings, too. I've gotten much better in the past couple years, but every once in awhile, I backslide. I love that you have the courage to vlog about it. Good luck getting past this. I'm sure you will.


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