Pretty Muddy Run... who's coming with me and My October Goal!

This picture is of my BFF Jodi and I... we forgot
to scrub under our arms... oops! Not really attractive
Pretty Muddy here I come!

Last night, I had an awesome opportunity to meet a few bloggers and the founder of Pretty Muddy Mud Run. This is a race that is for women only and will be taking place in Tampa on Nov. 10th. I am going to have a discount code soon. 

As you all know, I love mud runs! There is really nothing more fun than playing in the mud with some of your best friends...

I will be sharing more about the Pretty Muddy mud run soon! If you want to find out more about them 
Here are their Social Media Sites:

October is time to get things right!
I am also going to get myself right with my eating. This injury is not going to be my excuse to sabotage myself anymore!!! DONE! No More!!  :)  October Goal: Get back into being healthy, injury or not!


  1. How fun! Did my first mud run last year (Warrior Dash) and loved it! I need to sign up for another one soon!

  2. great goal for the healthy eating!!! you can do it! im sure that your mud run will be awesome!!! spa love! <3

  3. Mindy you are looking fabulous! Much love and good luck with your Oct goals.

  4. I my gosh I feel like we are twins. I am so injury sabotaging myself. Maybe we need a new Instagram hashtag #WhyIWillNotEatSH*T because I have got to stop this and get back on track too.


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