Happy Vlogtober!!!


OK, she isn't a puppy, but I have to share that my sweet Adi-girl is sick. I am taking her to the vet today and hoping to find some way to treat her. It appears that she has diabetes :( Think happy thoughts for her! Think positive thoughts for me please!!

In my vlog below you may notice that my eyes are puffy! I had been crying. My sweet Adi is 13 years old, and she has to be healthy! I cannot imagine my life without her! She has an older brother who would just be lost without her!

Here is my vlog from yesterday. It is my response to TGI Friday's response to my vlog from Sunday!


  1. Oh no - fingers crossed for good news! I have 2 furbabies so I know all about being worried sick when they're sick.

  2. Me too...Jaeden is my son/pug..I feel ya girl


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